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Mon Aug 27, 2012 5:54 am

Hi there Amy, That is a great idea, and one that has been brought up to me several times. I've actually been doing that for about the last year. I haven't written as many as I would have liked to so I am going to do it when the urge strikes from now on. I used to just get this thought in my head like "they arent gonna wanna read this crap" or something similar. Then I'd just throw it away. So the only ones I've kept so far have been from special occasions.

I do keep a journal though too. So they could just read that when they are old enough too. It's a raw, unedited account of my emotions for them, since the day I lost them. It's definitely something they would have to be old enough to understand. I think the bottom line is, I don't want them to ever feel like they weren't loved, and that I just "gave up". Because they were, and I didn't. In fact I did what I did because of how much I loved Emily. One day she will be old enough to understand that.

Thanks for the feedback Amy. Any other suggestions are more than welcome, and they would never hit the circular file! LOL!

Have a good one!