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Mike Starr Update

Fri Mar 19, 2010 2:10 am

So, I'm watching the second episode of Sober House... In between Celebrity rehab and Sober House there was a week time period. In that week time period Mike Starr relapsed back onto Methadone as he was taking 180 MG a day...So I guess Drew put Starr on Suboxone for 4 days then took him off of it and threw him in The Sober House and now he's going through extreme W/D...

Yeah, Drew...Four Days of Suboxone for a life time Methadone/Black Tar Addict!!!! All he did was now add Suboxone to the list of drugs Starr is already detoxing from....What a friggin' sham of a doctor. You don't put someone in a SOBER HOUSE AFTER THREE WEEKS OF REHAB...People usually spend a week or two in a detox center, then go to rehab for about 90-days to half a year THEN go to a Sober Live-In center....Not three weeks, then let them loose for a week to relapse then into a Sober House!!!! Ahh, Dr. Drew angers me so much!

Sorry...I should of added this to the Dr. Drew is an idiot thread....My Mistake!

Fri Mar 19, 2010 3:31 am

I'm glad you made a new thread on it because they keep mentioning the suboxone and they say more and more each time.

I agree with everything you said re: treatment/detox time and what is or is not appropriate.

What chapped me on this episode was that Mike says he wants some suboxone. Jen notes he is acting aggressive and he is detoxing hard. She says Drew wants to wean Mike off the suboxone (sounds like he may have still been on a small dose or something) and then Jen notes he wants the suboxone because HE DOESN'T WANT TO FEEL.

Well let me tell ya. It isn't that the guy doesn't want to FEEL NORMAL FEELINGS LIKE EVERYONE ELSE HAS. Anyone in Mike's position would want to feel anything BUT what they were feelng at the time. Anyone who said otherwise I would call a liar. Mike had said Drew doesn't know what is good for Mike. I COULDN'T AGREE MORE.

But THEN, they edit things so you hear Mike say, "I just want to get high", which further enforces that suboxone gets you high. What a fucking joke. I am sure Mike said that in context of wanting the suboxone so he could feel better because the cravings were so bad all he wants to do is get high. I am positive there is no way he meant he wanted the sub to get high. Someone on the levels of methadone he was on couldn't get remotely high from suboxone. This is SO MISLEADING to the public. I would love to expose the ridiculousness of this.

Fri Mar 19, 2010 6:16 am

Yeah, also they make the GUY WORK. HE shouldn't be in a sober house he should be at a detox center first...not even at a rehab center. Methadone takes MONTHSSSSSSSSS to kick. Then, did you see Drew talking to Seth? "You're dead to me, I already made my eulogy...WOULD A PROFESSIONAL DOCTOR EVER SAY THIS? I'm sorry but doing three weeks of rehab...being on camera the whole time followed by a month or two at a sober living facility isn't going to fix you. The sad part is the public is just so uninformed. They think..."Wow, drew is really helping them and still can't get straight..."

I bet you if you put Mike, Seth, and Tom all on a long-term suboxone program they would be a lot better off then they are now. I feel so bad for Mike...he is getting so demonized it's amazing. Putting Mike on Suboxone for a week isn't going to heal him...All its going to do is make him now W/D from suboxone, methadone, and heroin.

Great Job, PINSKY.

Fri Mar 19, 2010 5:38 pm

All of this talk about Celeb Rehab got me to actually watch some of the pervious episodes from past seasons. This is just a hunch, a guess, but something really tells me that they are using Suboxone more than they are letting on. With the Mike Starr thing, I got the strong impression that they had him on it for the entire rehab show. Then having watched some of these past year's episodes, one of the patients is in huge withdrawals then a few days later are saying and looking like they are feeling just like all of us have described we felt after we get on Suboxone. One guy was nodding off and sleeping through H withdrawal. Who does that?????? I mean who of any of us are sleeping through our withdrawal? It really should take pretty much the whole three weeks just to detox fully from the opiates, but that is not what happens.

There is not doubt in my mind whatsoever that things are just not adding up here. I really, strongly, wonder if they are not using Suboxone for longer periods than they are letting on and for whatever reason are not wanting to talk about it. I mean, remember how Starr was acting to everyone when he was first starting to detox - then all of a sudden he is fine for the rest of the show then within days of leaving he relapses and is detoxing again. I have to wonder if what we saw was the 24-48 period prior to starting Suboxone? Something is going on here. We may never know the truth but I'm telling you, something is happening behind the scenes and I think Suboxone may be a part of it - even if they are not wanting to talk about it on the shows.

Fri Mar 19, 2010 6:52 pm

donh: That is a very good observation. Thinking back on it, i would have too fully agree that Mike Starr was at his worst, then all the sudden hes able too sit through group and actually looked fairly happy. Definitely made me take another look at things. ~PEACE~

Fri Mar 19, 2010 6:58 pm

Dohn....I agree with you in parts but everyone reacts differently from withdrawals. I know for me the first few days of withdrawal am up all night and sleep all day. Everyone body reacts differently. Also....Both Mike and Tom are also W/Ding from meth as well....Well, the W/D isn't as bad it does just make you so tired. Your brain is trying to make up for all of those sleepless nights/weeks.

I do agree with you on the timeline though...Most people before going to an inpatient rehab facility go to a Detox center for a few days up to a few weeks depending what drug you are on...Methadone can take months! Also, you don't put patients in rehab for THREE WEEKS then set them free...Do you think they really learned anything in those three weeks besides for the fact that they can't WAIT to get high when they get out. Real rehab facilities are 90 days at the LEAST...Most are 180 days+ then you go to a sober living house.

All they are doing is taking advantage of these patients and there current states...Of course Mike Starr is agressive! Not only is he detoxing from Methadone and Heroin...HE IS ALSO DETOXING FROM SUBUXONE NOW....A person in his shape SHOULD not be working. He should still be intensive treatment. All of those "therapy"sessions did nothing if you're sitting there sweating your balls off and ready to rip the skin off of your body.

Fri Mar 19, 2010 8:34 pm


Link to sober house episodes


Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:50 pm

You two could be right. I guess I just thought that there is no way they would let someone vomit like Mike did on rehab if they were just going to give him the suboxone. But they probably did it for ratings and then realized if they didn't give the poor guy some suboxone he would spend the entire show barfing and they would have no show. The barfing is only good for one episode of entertainment really. They probably give them suboxone just long enough so they can sit through the ridiculous and worthless groups, and then STOP.

Mike certainly KNOWS what suboxone is. Plus Jen said Drew was "trying to taper him off" which says to me that they are giving it to him occasionally at least. The problem is, if they kept him sober for 3 weeks, then gave him the sub, then only give it every 3 days or so, he could very well catch a little buzz from it and now they are just prolonging it. You know damn well that they go out and get sub on their own and take it. I would for sure!

And there is no way Mike should be frigging working. He should be in bed. What a trooper to keep on keepin' on. And really good for him for taking a break!


I have to imagine...

Sat Mar 20, 2010 3:32 am

That the celebrities are getting paid to be there...Right? I wonder how that works...They are threating to kick Mike off..If I were him I'd leave that second and go and get myself on a longterm sub program...Although I doubt they're going to kick him off..Every week someone gets "kicked off" then they show previews of later episodes of them being on....

on a side note...I HATED THAT GIRL THAT TOM WORKED WITH AT THE LAUNDRY PLACE. You're not in there for drugs, you're in there for being a sex addict...So obviously you've done some NASTY things...Are you telling me you cant watch some laundry? I'm sure you've banged multiple people you just met with no protection yet you can't do a load of laundry? Shut up and get over yourself drama queen....She really pissed me off.