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 Post subject: MEDI-CAL SUCKS!
PostPosted: Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:14 am 
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Well lets start from the beginning...

I pay $63.36 for 10 pills! I use 3 pills per day! So I visit the pharmacy twice a week.
I'm currently on State Disability because of a back injury lifting patents and make $400 every 2 weeks.

I applied for MEDI-CAL (California medical insurance for low income people). I had to send in all my bank statements, all income and expenses plus much more.

I finally get a call back from MEDI-CAL. They state that because I "Have income" they will only cover any medical expenses AFTER $400 a MONTH!!!!!!


I told her that does not help me at all! She remained silent!

I live on my own and I have....

-Car Insurance
-Cell Phone
-Cable Internet
-$126.72 a WEEK in pills
-$115.00 a Month in Doctor Visits
-Fuel for the car
-Food (Been living on CEREAL and cereal alone for quite some time)

On $800 a month and those fu#@ can't help me... even a little bit!!

I probably shouldn't be whining... I'm pretty sure there are people out there far worse off then I am....

But geezz... $800 a MONTH... I'm LOW INCOME they should be helping.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 2:36 am 
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Oh, man, I really feel for you. I normally have state insurance (medicaid) and they pay for my Suboxone but it lapsed this past month and I am waiting for it be picked back up. In the meantime, I had to pay out of pocket for one of my prescriptions. I borrowed money from my mother who wired me the cash the day before I went to pharmacy to pick up my medication. At 14 pills every two weeks it came to 85 dollars. I can understand how you feel with all of your bills and whatnot with the added burden of the medication expense. I am lucky, my boyfriend takes care of me since I have mental problems that get in the way of me even leaving the house at times. (I am bipolar with social anxiety disorder, borderline agoraphobic). With therapy and medication and whatnot I'm hoping to eventually get back to some semblance of a life outside the walls of my house and give my boyfriend a break from the financial burden of caring for me. He doesn't have the money to pay for my Suboxone for me because he has to have injections of testosterone every few weeks himself and his own medication is around 100 dollars a vial and he will die without it so I can't ask him to choose. I don't have any luxuries like a cell phone and we don't have cable tv because I've discovered whatever you watch on tv you can just as easily find online. (~hugs her computer and internet~). Sorry for rambling, point being, I feel empathic with what you're going through. I wish that insurance people understood better and that the people who make this drug would just lower the damn price tag! That would solve a lot of problems right there! Take care and good luck!

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