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PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 9:46 am 
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I first got into suboxone in a very difficult time in life...I had been taking lortabs, and spent a couple of years in those, and thanks to "friends" at the time, I slowly started experimenting with Oxycontins. Orally at first, but then after some persuading by those "friends", I began to snort the oxycontins for a quicker path to getting my "fix". This was when I was 27, and I just hit 33 on Christmas day (12-25-2011) nearly 6 years ago. I didn't make it very long on my life went downhill VERY quickly. My wife that I had been married to since June 6, 1998, didn't stick around very long once she found out that I was doing this..and we separated. This pushed me further into getting high, and I eventually went over the edge..and after 7-8 months of keeping up an oxycontin habit, I found suboxone. My wife and I remained separated...and I found someone else that milked my habit without knowing it..but she ruined her credit financing my drug habit. At the end of that "relationship", I found suboxone and started tinkering around with treatment. I was on suboxone/off suboxone because of the cost associated with it at the time. No insurance, no job, and I found it hard to make WEEKLY visits to a suboxone doctor and pay him $160 each time (that's right, $160 per visit, each week). He told me if I would just come see him for 2 months, each week, that after 2 months he would move me to a monthly visit. I couldn't manage to get that kind of money and would go one week, skip a week..when I would come down from suboxone, I was right back into oxycontins, or lortabs if I couldn't get oxy's. But the cleaner I got and realized what I had done to my wife, the worse I dealing with reality and my actions hurt pretty bad, and I preferred just not going all the way with getting clean. This went on for 3 months or so..and I found a doctor that would give me monthly doses from the start with a cheaper rate..and began the total clean-up. I got my wife and family back once I stayed clean..and slowly I got away from any opiates at all and a total suboxone treatment.
In April of 2008, my wife and I resumed living together (after I threw out the girl I let move in, thinking I was "in love" when I was just high), and we began working on us since I was sobering up...and in July of 2008 (actually, it was the July 4th weekend), that was the last time I touched ANY type of opiate drug, and the pills I took then were 2 80mg oxys, snorted. Once I did that, and looked back..I realized that I wasn't doing ANYTHING that different from what I had done for so many years, and I told myself that I had been high and having a good time for long enough..that it was time to change ME. I resumed my suboxone, and continued normally taking it as I should daily. The only thing that has changed since then has been me going to a different doctor that was closer..but life has really been great since I've been taking suboxone only, and refrained from sliding back down that awful road again.

Now, as far as how LONG I wish to stay on suboxone...I really don't see an end in sight. My doctor hasn't mentioned removing me or tapering me off, and I've been with him since September of 2010. I really don't look toward coming off or going any lower than the dosage I'm on right now. I actually have impressed my doctor with what I do with my suboxone, according to his shocking look that I received when I told him that only took a half of a film at a time..and he informed me that he had NEVER had any of his patients tell him they were willing to take 1/2 of an 8mg/2mg film. I like to spread my dosage out during the day/evening, instead of taking it all at once. From time to time, I will take a whole film, but I normally bend it in half, and bend it the other way in half again to crease it..then I tear it into, and sub-lingually take it.
I feel great, and the ONLY problem I have now is the AWFUL condition that my natural teeth are in because of my opiate addiction. I'm still dealing with decaying teeth and broken teeth that started shortly after my LONG stint on painkillers...
But I've informed my doctor that my dental work will only require me to take just a little more suboxone, and that I will be refusing any narcotics offered my the dentist when I have my extractions done. I can deal with the pain totally using the suboxone, without any help from something narcotic. Other than that, I don't have any complaints at all. Life is great, though I think it might be better if I slept better at night..that's the only "issue" that sets me apart from other people and their normal lives....ever since I quit doing opiates and have been successfully taking suboxone, I can't for the life of me sleep at night. I'm likely to wake up at 1am, 2am...and then I'm up. Or I'll fall asleep at 7pm, and by 11pm, I am ready to go..and I force myself to sleep.

My wife and I are doing great, though she would "LIKE" to see me quit the suboxone, she isn't persistently trying to get me to stop. I haven't tried to quit, but I don't want to tell her that I would prefer to just stay on suboxone indefinitely..because I have this feeling of strength with suboxone and I am not afraid of a setback causing me to relapse. With the arthroscopic surgery I had on my knee at age 24, I have some pretty bad arthritis in my knee now, and along with the other minor aches and pains of life, I am afraid of falling back into a pattern that leads to addiction again.
That's something I refuse to do to myself, my kids, or my PREGNANT wife. We're expecting #4 in March 2012, Reagan Nichole will be joining us in just a short time. I don't know where I would be if I hadn't made that decision to start suboxone therapy..but I think I know what would've happened. I am a very intelligent guy, and have some pretty unique qualities..and never in life had I EVER considered suicide..but at age 28, with years of opiate addiction plaguing me, I had actually started thinking of a way to get out of opiate addiction and end it for good...and that was all I could come up with. THAT, my friends, IS NOT INTELLIGENT.
The demon that is drug abuse won't ever have control on me again, not if I have anything to do with it. I will never fall victim to the weakness and excuses that I gave myself for using to begin with...and I am a BIG advocate for anyone who wants to end their addictive tendencies.

I have convinced at LEAST 5 people that I was in cahoots with during my opiate-abusing days to become suboxone patients..and they've successfully ended their addiction and the control that painkillers had on their lives. I'm still working on a couple of people, but none that can influence me in a negative manner..though I know what they do, they know that I'm against any type of opiate abuse and won't even offer me anything ..but these aren't drug addicts, they are older people who have been put on lortabs by their doctors..and who can't stand the effects of withdrawals when they run out of their opiate pain meds.

So that's my story. I hope I can get some info here from the doctor to take back to my doctor on Long-term suboxone use, because I think he would like for me to eventually ween off of it..and I'm just not overjoyed at that idea. I hope I can point my doctor towards some studies that show the long-term use of this drug being a positive and helpful influence on people, so that he doesn't wish to discontinue my continued recovery. Once and addict, always an addict..but I'm controlling my disease and living a wonderful life because of the successful option that is "suboxone". (My doctor hasn't mentioned pulling me off or tapering me down from the 2 1/2 films per day..but it's just a fear that he will. I only go to my doctor once every 3 months...and he's very nice..I've never failed any urinalysis and always been a very easy-going patient. I've never had trouble with my doctor, never "lost my medicine", never give him any reason to think I would ever lie to him...I come in, sometimes I take a urinalysis ..sometimes I don't..he says that's picked randomly by computer...and I never call him for anything outside of appointment issues once in a while, or problems with my insurance deductibles/etc...other than that..I'm a dream patient. I'm in, out, and back in 3 months within an it's an easy insurance claim for him with very little Ph.D work...but he's great to answer ANY questions I've ever asked him, and doesn't mind it if I ask questions..and even once, he asked why I didn't have my son with me because I had always been to my doctor appt with my son tagging along -- since I'm a full-time stay-home dad. I should say that my wife got VERY lucky and got a job with our state-wide electrical-generating steam plant..and makes GREAT money.)

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