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PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2014 12:21 am 
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canadian_grl wrote:
Ok first of all its not good to snort anything up you nose and prolonged use of any course substance will start to eat away at the tissues in your nasal cavity. Second if your body is giving you a bad felling every time you do it that way then you might want to start listening to those feelings. Our bodies can tell us several things as long as we listen. This is an example from my personal experience when I was in my active addiction I was taking about 7 tabs at a time and at that point I started throwing up every time I would see them. I took that sign from my body as a warning that I was taking to much and needed to stop. So as you can see our bodies try to tell us in many different ways that we are hurting our selves. Third the reason you feel like it helps you more and also why your so defensive of the way you administer the drug and the amount is because you are addicted. I am not talking about the drug it self, you are addicted to the actions of crushing the pill, getting it in to a line and then snorting it up your nose. You are also addicted to the burn that occurs when the drug hits the vein at the back of the nose. I am telling you that even though the drug you are using is to help you to recover, the way that you are using it is not going to allow you to ever fully recover. In my mind you might as well be snorting a oxy.
Dr.Paul I advise you with true concern take a good look at yourself and ask yourself am I a drug addict because I think if you are truly honest with your self that answer will be yes.

Pretty wreckless posting there telling a guy who's on sub that he "might as well just snort oxy" because he chooses a route of administration that you don't approve of. He can snort bupe bupe all day and nothing dangerous will happen (because hes a tolerant maint patient obviously I don't mean the same for an opiate naive person) but do the same with oxy and you can die. No matter what your stupid logic is snorting buprenorphine while not the "directed" method will always be safer for a person than doing a full agonist opiate. And not to be a smart ass but aren't too keen on biology are you? The "vein at the back of your nose"? Your nasal mucosa is comprised of many many small veins there isn't just some big single vein resting in the back of your nose.

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