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Latest study on Probuphine - 6 month buprenorphine implant

Mon Apr 09, 2012 11:31 pm



February 14, 2012 — Topline results from an open-label 6-month "retreatment" study show the buprenorphine implant (Probuphine, Titan Pharmaceuticals) is safe for patients with opioid dependence.

These latest findings follow those from a recent phase 3 study confirming the implant's efficacy compared with placebo in reducing illicit opioid use.

The implant is designed to deliver 6 months of continuous, round-the-clock, long-term therapeutic levels of buprenorphine following administration of a single subcutaneous implant — normally in the upper arm — in a "simple office procedure."

Titan Pharmaceuticals reports that the multicenter study included 85 patients, who were provided with 6 months of open-label treatment with the drug.

Study participants underwent periodic evaluation of opioid withdrawal and craving symptoms. The evaluation included the self-reporting of illicit drug use. Additionally, 53 of the 65 participants who completed the study filled out a patient satisfaction survey which among other things showed that more than 90% of those who completed the study would elect to receive further treatment with the implant if it was offered.

In addition, at the end of treatment, 80% of patients reported they had not used illicit opioids within the last 2 weeks.

Furthermore, subjects reported that opioid cravings were well-controlled during the study.

Titan Pharmaceuticals reports that the implant was well-tolerated, including implant insertion and removal procedures. The most common adverse events reported were headache (12%), upper respiratory infection (8%), back pain (6%), and urinary tract infection (6%).

Just to let you know. RB is also working on their own implant form of buprenorphine to ready themselves for when the patent of Suboxone Film expires. Apparently it will last for a few weeks rather than months.