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PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2011 3:28 pm 
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Hi all.

Over the last two weeks I have been inducted into a clinic in the UK where I have seen a doctor who has prescribed me buprenorphine. For the last couple of years I have been drinking high amounts of poppy tea. Due to the amount I was having (up to 30 pods) I was only needing to drink one lot a day mid afternoon. This would make me feel good for the rest of the day, and just as importantly stop me from feeling bad until the following afternoon. I did go cold turkey after the first couple of months of use but got the full wd's. The physical stuff although uncomfortable I could handle, but the mental things were just too much, especially lack of sleep and depression. So after research I end up at the clinic, offered Methadone and suggested I would prefer subox due to it being less sedating, apparently easier to come off etc. I have to work and that is a big consideration as I have a family to support.

Anyway, the doctor was not sure on how much to prescribe as he has not had that many people who drink the tea before him and admitted himself he was kind of guessing. He prescribed me 2mg to start with, which from what I read is an average starting dose from someone transfering from opiates with a long half life. I have to collect daily from a pharmacy although he did give me an extra 2mg the first day just incase I felt I needed it later on.

I took the tablet a good 36 hours after my last dose despite it burning a hole in my pocket towards the end of my waiting and I had decent withdrawls. Within an hour I was feeling the feintest of buzz's and my w'ds had all but vanished. What a miracle. This was near enough lunch time-ish. I went through the afternoon with no problems at all. I could tell I had taken something but it did not feel like I was high or anything. For the first time in years I was neither high nor in wd's. However, towards the end of the evening I started to feel agitated if only minor. I decided to go to bed before I had a row with my partner. I slept very well and woke up the next morning feeling a little groggy, as though I had a hangover. After a cup of coffee my hangover cleared, and again I felt agitated and as though I needed a dose of the tea so I took another 2mg.
Later I went to the chemist, picked up my second 2mg but waited until mid afternoon before I took it. By the end of the day yet again I felt agitated, felt as though I was in need of a cup of my tea or felt as though I needed a drink (alchohol). I resisted as I decided to call my keywork the next day.

My keyworker raised me upto 4mg which I have been taking the last two days, one at around 11.00am in the morning and one at 3.00pm. Problem is, by the night I still start to get agitated and as though I need a few lagers or a cup of tea. I am not going to have the tea because I know there is no point and I dont want to start drinking with these tablets either as I know where that can go. I am reluctant to keep going back to my keyworker incase he thinks I am just trying it on. From what I understand the half life of these pills is around 36 hours so cannot understand why I start to go bad after 7 or 8, especially as when I first take the dose after an hour everything seems absolutely fine. Am I expecting a bit too much to free from wd's 24hours a day?

Anybody's input would be appreciated!!

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