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Just need any advice to help make the right decision

Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:41 pm

Hi everyone, I have been dependent on opiates for many years. I did the cold turkey thing 3 years ago, and it was the worst thing id ever went through. I tried cold turkey this time again & its just to hard. Im to sick & weak just from tapering off for a week now. I cant get past maybe 24-30 hours without a dose, and that time is a hell in itself. Im thinking about suboxone treatment, but have alot of concerns. I dont have insurance & dont know if i can afford a long term plan? I dont want to get addicted to another pill, Is is possible to quit with a short term suboxone treatment? I have been taking about 60 mg of oxycodone a day for years. Im a few days away from running out & no way to get anymore pills. Please help with any suggestions or info on the cost of sub treatment without insurance.

you can get help

Wed Jun 15, 2011 5:53 pm

sorry about your condition. could you try a clinic. suboxone sounds it would be of some help to you.
moderators/ members will be here to help you very soon. good luck.

Thanks for the reply

Wed Jun 15, 2011 6:36 pm

John, Thanks for the reply. This is my first day of exploring my options, I havent tried calling the local clinics yet. I dont know if they offer suboxone treatment or just Methodone? I was hoping to avoid methodone and try suboxone. From what ive read and heard, Sub seems to be the better option. I just know I have to do something in the next day or two. I feel so sick,I litterally feel like im going to die. one hour feels like a week. All I know is if I can somehow find a way to get through this I will never take them damn devil pills again! (oxycodone)

affording treatment

Wed Jun 15, 2011 8:36 pm

Hi there,
I feel for you-- I know trying to quit or even cut down on your own can be truly miserable. Suboxone helps many many people, as you may know already if you've been reading posts on this forum. Many people stay on it long term but some use it only for a short-term detox. I am one of the former types--on sub maintenance, but my doctor says she has helped many addicts detox from opiates using sub for less than one week --just to help them get through acute withdrawal. Other doctors have plans that keep people on sub for a matter of a few weeks or months, I think, but many people do opt to go onto sub for a much longer time, one reason being that relapse rates for addicts are so high. One of the rules on this forum is to not "debate" about which kind of treatment, methadone vs sub is better, so I wont' get into that...Methadone detox is also a way to go of course and it too helps many addicts. I think I CAN safely mention here, without breaking the "dont debate" rule that suboxone treatment tends to be a lot less hassle, since methadone clinics require daily attendance. As for worrying about affording treatment...I know that it is hard if you don't have insurance... I believe that sometimes methadone clinics have "free slots" for low income people. I have heard people mention "suboxone clinics" but in my area there don't seem to be any--just private doctors and possibly some private inpatient programs that offer suboxone. So..I know it's hard to come up with the money to see a private doctor but I hope you will find a way. You might try mental health clinics for finding a psychiatrist who can prescribe sub as they may be more likely to offer a "sliding scale" option than a regular physician. My sub doc is a psychiatrist who works at a mental health clinic and they DO offer sliding scale there. Also, I have heard about a program through the manufacturer of suboxone that allows some people to get suboxone for free...I bet someone else can tell you more specifically about that, or you can search on the forum yourself for posts about that. At the least, I think there is still some kind of coupon available online to get one months script at a pretty big discount (again, I bet someone else around here can give you more info about how to find that coupon). Anyway, I just want to urge you not to give up--I hope you find a way to get some help. this forum is a great source of info about sub and there are many caring people who often come up with good ideas to help people who are having trouble finding doctors or affording their prescriptions. I know it can be really difficult to be in withdrawal and dealing with making a bunch of calls and talking to receptionists trying to find treatment taht will work for your situation. For me, I was lucky, I walked into the psychiatrist's office at a clinic that I thought would take my insurance and it turned out she was also the medical director of a rehab and prescribes sub.

Ok, good luck, I'll look for you to post again with news of your situation.

hang in there

Wed Jun 15, 2011 8:51 pm

keep trying to be patient .. what i did when i could not handle it any more. i went to a hospital.
and they treated me for opiate withdrawal . i had to give them the rite word in order to be admitted.
and now i'm on suboxone recovery. you can send me a private message if you want.

Wed Jun 15, 2011 9:28 pm

Hey mysteryguy,

A friend of mine just completed a 10 day detox off of Oxycodone using Suboxone. I believe he was taking 12mg for the first few days, 8mg the next few days and then dropped to 6mg for the remainder. Day 11, 12 and 13 he felt crappy, but nowhere near a full withdrawal experience. Day 14 he said he felt much, much better.

Like autononymous said, the relapse rate for short detox's like that are pretty high though.

Something I had to figure out the hard way was the fact that quitting drugs didn't mean I wasn't an addict anymore and just quitting drugs is not recovery. Quitting drugs is a HELL of a first step, but participating in some kind of counseling or groups like AA/NA/Smart Recovery are often required to stay clean. This has been my experience so far.

Thanks Romeo

Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:36 pm

Thanks for the reply Romeo, from what I have been reading it seems a short term suboxone plan is not usually a succesful thing. I do think my situation may be different than alot of others. So I am just trying to find the best solution for my situation and not just the easiest way out. If I takes months or years then thats fine too. I know its easier said than done but I am not so worried about relapse. I feel that Im more dependent on opiates then addicted. I quit once before and was doing just fine for some time until I got in an accident and messed up my knee. I got a regular script of painkillers and dont know why I took them again. I guess I figured if I didnt take them to long I would be ok. What a mistake that was, I got dependent on them again.

I am at the point now where I dont even like to take pain meds. I only take them to avoid withdrawals, I dont enjoy them like I once did. Now I only use them to just feel half way normal. I dont get any more scripts and have been getting my meds from other sources. I dont have access to any sources any more so I really dont have a choice anyway. Which is a good thing. Even If I did have access to still get them, I still dont want to take them anymore. I have made no attempts to locate any.

I have been tapering off the pain killers for about 10 days. I havent been to work due to the feeling of the worst flu ive ever had, along with all the other w/d symptoms. I have enough pain meds to taper another 3 days. I just need to find a treatment plan a.s.a.p so I can feel better and get back to work.
Thanks again!

Wed Jan 11, 2012 2:47 am

I'll tell you what subuxone has saved my life twice, I was on vicodin's for 3 year's straight taking before I quit 20-30 daily and never went a day without it, ended up saying the hell with this, went to a clinic they put me on subuxone I think like 2 daily at 8mg each, but I never ended up doing that much, maybe the first day or two of being on them I was doing 1 8mg strip, but then after that I would only do a half 8mg strip so 4mg a day, I was on it for a few months, stopped taking them and was fine and clean, I got into a motorcycle accident about 5-6 months ago and broke my pelvis and foot, toes and it hurt like hell they put me on Vicodin and I took them as normal, then I started taking a lot more, doing about 8-10 a day, then doing about 12-14 a day and I said no I'm not doing this again, after 2 months of taking them I went back, they did the same thing 2 x 8mg strips daily, I still did the same thing as before, and doing 4mg daily, unless I feel bad which is maybe once a week if that, I maybe take a extra 2/4mg. I'm going to probably stay on them for a month or two and I should be good It's good to go to the meetings and stuff though, it will help you on your process of getting and staying clean.

Trust me it's very good for you, It will help you, stop the withdraws, and change your life completely, you have to want to do it too.

Cost wise It's going to cost you at least 10 x cheaper then the pill's your currently taking will cost. Each Pill/Strip costs on average of $6-8 each, it's well worth it and you can even stretch them out like I do. Your first visit may cost you $100-$150 and should include a visit with the dr, you will see him, once or twice a month, and then you should go to group which is once a week, normally on a Thursday or Friday, Mine is Friday 5:30-7pm you talk about things like your past, how much you took/did, nothing too deep, basic stuff, you will learn things about drugs and how it works on us, Kinda like a school class, but oh well. These classes might run you about $25 or so.

Good Luck, I know you can do it, I was doing a shit ton.

30 x 7.5mg daily, = 225mg daily.

Over 20,000mg's of aspirin which is very bad and like 4 x your max your body should take.

not to mention the price

30 x $4 = $120 daily costs, I got them a little cheaper then that so my costs were around $75

weekly costs

$75 x 7 = $525

monthly costs

$525 x 4 = $2100

yearly costs

$2100 x 12 = $25,200

What I've spent over my life span of drug use.

$100,000+ over 3 1/2 years of vicodin's.

Trust me it's much cheaper to go to the clinic, I have insurance so I'm lucky, I don't really have to pay much, now a new year and my deductible is new I will start paying probably $50 or less a month on visits.