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PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2012 2:22 pm 
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This is a really cool and educational site. Heres my story I have been addicted to opiates from the early 90s, shot dope up till 01 got clean through AA which lasted bout a year. Then I discovered the joys of oxys. With countless detoxes,long term short term substance abuse programs ect. Being a vet I have been in VA system as far a programs and inNov of 09 admitting myself to yet another program I learned about Suboxone and after being on it for some time I came to the conclusion that It was a miracle drug. I can say without reservation that I believed it saved my life. I've walked out of many programs upon completion and g ot high that day. That was 3 years ago when I started my 16 mg regiment of suboxon and during that time I live a normal and drug free life. With no side affects whatsoever. On my 3 year clean date I decided it was time to get off subox.(while I'm thinking of it after about 2mos of subox I quit smoking, A32year continuous habit. Still smoke free. Connection?) With out any medical assistance (V.A. doc know less about subox that this cup of coffee to my right) any way I went from 16 to 8 for 2 weeks then to 4 for a week then 2 couple days then jumped. Day 1 not so bad day 2 not so bad Day 3 little rough not the usual detox symptoms no diarrhea, slight bone ache but manageable day 4 like day 3 day 5 same but the overwhelming feeling that permeated my body and soul was the overwhelming feeling of feeling completely and absolutely empty and dead inside. I like most addicts I know depression but this was different. I have always been of a depressive nature but like I said this was different. Almost incapacitating. Had to go to work. One positive thing was I had no desire to get high. HP? Could not take that feeling anymore so I reached out and got some meth. I got 10 10s and took one every day . Took my last dose 8 days ago and physically feel well. Sleep still not great, NOT SICK. That feeling of emptiness a nd dead inside is a little less. I know after a 3yr subox habit its gonna take the noodle some time to recover. The only thing I feel now is a total lack of energy dont know if that a common side effect of 3yrs of subox.
In conclusion I would strongly recommend subox for anyone who has been suffering fron long tern opiate addiction. Must use as prescribed none of that not takin it for a few day to get high then goin back on. Support is a must. AA and NA is a proven means to help people to maintain long and quality sobriety. Though its not for every one. That another story. I must admitt there is still a part of me that tells me to go back on the subox again but that s just the junkie in me i think.
One thing I know bout kicking is every day ya go through the nnext day will be a bit easier. Time to pay the piper!
Complete abstinace is a must!! And support
Hope I didnt bore anyone to death and if someone who been through somthing like this the one thing I' m concerned about is this lack of energy buisiness although I have never been a high energy unit but on an energy scale to 10 I'm running on about a 3. Beside that I'm in good healt.
One fact that I do know people do recover!

Thats my story and I'm sticking to it damnit!!!

Good luck stay strong.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 1:12 am 
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Hey jzac66,

I'm a moderator here and I moved your post to Introductions so that more people would get a chance to see it. Since it was on a thread that was over 3 months old, it might have gone unnoticed.

Welcome to the forum! I wish you had known about this forum when you decided to stop sub. Unlike your doctor, we know more about sub than a cup of coffee! Lol! Your jump off sub was really abrupt, but you're powering through it. For some people that works best. I'm taking the super slow taper route myself. In part because I want to avoid the type of depression you're going through!

With that said, though, it's completely normal for you to be feeling depression and a lack of energy. For some people this can last months, but not for everyone. You do start to feel better in increments until you notice that you're mostly having good days. It does get better!

I'm so glad that suboxone worked to help turn your life around! Abstinence is one goal, but not everyone will attain it, and not everyone has to. But good on you for working so hard to get to your goal!

Thank you for your service to this country!


Done is better than perfect!

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