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PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2010 11:27 am 
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I requested and received some pamphlets from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) about medication-assisted treatment for opiate/opioid addiction.
They provided great information, similar to NAABT, and something interesting that I'd not heard about. If this subject has come up on this forum other than in passing I've not seen it.

Under the "dosing" section, it states the following: "The pill is taken once a day. Over time, the dose interval may stay at once a day or change to every other day...Buprenorphine is long-acting. This means that after the initial period, your doctor may have you take the pill every other day rather than once a day..."

I'm curious how many of you have heard of this and if anyone on this forum doses every other day.

You can get the booklets at The one I'm quoting from is on buprenorphine. They are free. Because I'm starting up a new in-person support group for sub users, these - as well as the materials from NAABT - will be very helpful to me and my new members.

Thoughts anyone, including Dr. Junig??

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2010 1:34 pm 
Hi Melissa. Yes, I have heard of the every-other-day dosing. In fact, I mentioned it just a few days ago in a thread on the "Induction Discussion" topic. I think the original post was from someone asking about dosing times, dosing once per day versus several times per day. In my reply I made reference to having seen a study about dosing every other day. I can't remember where I read it for sure, but I think it may have been a study that Shelwoy posted a link to a while back. As I said, I can't remember exactly what it said or even what the study was about, but I definitely recall seeing that the dosing interval was every other day. It wasn't super surprising to me given the extremely long half-life of the drug and the way the doses kind of "stack" over time, if that makes sense. I have never tried dosing every other day so I can't speak to whether it's a "comfortable" dosing regimen or not.
I think a lot of what we go through as far as struggles with our dosing schedules is related to the psychological aspects of addiction. It's not so much that physical withdrawal symptoms kick in at some magical point post bupe dose as it is that we expect those symptoms to kick in after we've been without a dose for a certain period of time. As Dr. Junig has said, it seems that if we learn new ways of coping when a craving or a mini withdrawal symptom crops up, the symptom will pass. It's just very difficult to break the pattern of "needing" to dose when we feel uncomfortable.
It seems like the only time I've heard of people skipping days between dosing is when they are tapering off. I too, would be interested in hearing from anyone who routinely doses every other day.
Thanks for getting and sharing the info!

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