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PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:57 pm 
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Hey guys.. I am in the tapering process.. currently on 6mg. I have the big 8mg pills (generic subutex, roxanne). I take 3mg in the morning and 3mg at night.. and I am reducing 25% every 7 days.

I got a milligram scale off eBay (shipped from China) for REALLY cheap. I weighed a few Roxanne brand Subutex.. they all clock in at 400mg flat. Now I crush up my pills into small chunks and just put them back in the bottle. 50mg chunks/powder = 1mg active ingredient buprenorphine. So I dose 150mg in the morning and 150mg at night.

This is not vital when i am on these big doses.. but it is going to make measuring out .5mg doses (25mg) SUPER easy. Not to mention even going lower.

Also, what do you think of this taper? I am stable at 6mg..been here a 6-7 months with a long time of opiate abuse before that. This is a 25% reduction every 7 days.. naturally gives you a nice linear curve that'll hopefully keep me out of serious withdrawals.

7 days at 4.5
7 days at 3.375
7 days at 2.53125
7 days at 1.8984375
7 days at 1.423390625
7 days at 1.06715234375
7 days at 0.8002119140625
7 days at 0.599947021484375
7 days at 0.4490132446289062
7 days at 0.3367466888427734
7 days at 0.2518133277893066
7 days at 0.1880466680526733
7 days at 0.1409883329868317
7 days at 0.1047529167532921 (when I get down to here..about1/10th of a mg I will be
measuring roughly 5mg powder you can see why this will be great!) Already lovin it!

You don't have to spend a lot either.. shipped from Amazon from the US the scale I got (AWS-Gemini-20, 20g maximum 1 mg increments) is just over $20.. shipped from China the same scale is $13. It has calibration weights.. and is accurate. You can test your scale with a crisp bill, $1, $20, $100..whatever it is should clock in at 1.000G give or take depending on wear and dirt build up. While the scale is rated at 1mg increments, I say it's accurate to +-3mg from my trials.

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