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PostPosted: Sat Dec 22, 2012 10:31 pm 
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im new here and i been trying to get myself self out and involved and talk with some of you i was just wondering if anyone cared to share how long it took them to find their correct maintenance dose and how it took to reach that dose? also if u guys dont mind sharing how much and of what you would take as far as opiates go to give me an idea i know were all different but i am trying to come up with some statistics to see where i stand thanks!

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2012 7:50 am 
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Hello again,,,
I'm pretty sure I've replied on some of your other posts,,,, It's good to see you getting
familiar with things,,,,,, I know your not new to suboxone, but information is power!!!

I don't know if my "experience" will help at all or not, it's been a long time ago, that I inducted, too.

Methadone as you may or may not know by now , is a whole other monster sort of.

I was on it for pain management, allthough there's no way I took it the way "perscribed"
I'd take my whole months' RX in about a week and half, so I was taking 150-200mg a day,
depending on how many I had.........then I'd buy more, or sell someone else's to "make more"
of course I was buying WHATEVER I could find to "get by" until I got my refil.

uggh what a run around I used to deal with!!!!
anytime I took oxy/diluadid/morphine, it always took enough to kill a horse, to make me
feel better.....not necessarily high, just not sick was the only goal those days.
with oxy I could inject almost 200mg and feel "good" or okay until mid-day.
I was doing heroin in the end, too, but hadn't graduated to injecting that,
that scared the shit outta me, and Im thankful to this very day that it did.

before induction I did sort of taper the methadone, just a week, to 80mg.
then took oxy the day before, nothing for 24 hours,
on suboxone I went. almost 12 years of opiate addiction,,, was enough for me. (over two, on methadone)

My first two weeks on suboxone were NO PICNIC.
My entire body screamed for what it wanted.
But, I made it.
I took 24mg of suboxone, for the first year, solid...... I swear to you, I had w/d symptoms
even on that much. Not every day,,,,,,,Only the first two weeks it was bad, but once in awhile
I'd break out in a cold sweat, or wake up with the trembles, all sorts of crap. I'm just glad the suboxone DID
help me thru that.
I was on the patient assistance/here to help thing from RB,,,,, I have NO insurance at all.
about 6 months ago,
I knew my program was going to expire, and WANTED to get my dose down to at least 16mg.
It's been somewhat of a challenge.
I wasn't very good at it, while I was still getting the free meds,
but now that I pay for each film,
well it's alot easier. :wink:

Now, Im down to 8mg a day...... there's days I still take 16 but they are fewer and farther between.
I work a very physically demanding job, and my back is screwed up, hence the reason I got methadone in the
first place.......LOL
so the days Im on my feet 12+ hours straight, I do end up taking a bit more.
but I can honestly say
I've been doing great at 8mg a day.
there's a bunch of suboxone, at the pharmacy,
and that's why I KNOW there's a huge difference in suboxone, and using.
i could NEVER save ANY opiate, ever.
there's NO WAY IN HELL there'd be a months worth with MY NAME ON IT, at any pharmacy, more than an hour!!!
I would have stolen, SOMETHING to make money to get it out.

so there ya go.
Hope that helped a little.
Im not sure if anyone else will share or not, but at least you've got one benchmark example,,,,,,,LOL
you could do a search too,
and search maintenance dose.
I think the answer is different for everyone.......
all our addictions were different, and what we did, what we've been thru, how long,
it all makes a difference.

Good Luck
I hope you find what works for you, sooner rather than later

anyone can give up,
its the easiest thing in the world to do, but to
hold it together, when everyone would understand if you fell apart

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