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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:41 am 
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I'll try to keep this brief, if someone could please advise me about where to go from here I'd appreciate it!

I started on suboxone in May 2010, 8mg/3 times a day. I was on that same dose until Dec 2011 and was discharged from the practice without warning for testing + for THC. My doc did random urine tests quite frequently. I was told at my visit in Nov 2011 that she was calling me in for randoms to make sure the THC level was going down. On Dec 3 2011 I had an appt and she told me that I still had THC in my urine and that I needed to enter treatment (out patient) immediately, that she would *hold my spot* (her words) for 30 days and I could return for an appt in Jan if I did so. That was a Saturday. On Dec 5th, 2 days later, I got a letter in the mail from her telling me I was discharged from the practice for drug use and the letter I got was cc'd to my pcp and pharmacy on record. The letter was dated Dec 3rd, the day I was in the office. So she lied to me. Told me I could remain a patient if I went to treatment, yet that was not true. She sent out that letter the very same day. So at this point I have about 83 of the 8mg sub films and started to taper myself. I tried cutting down a little each day and they lasted until the middle of Jan 2012. Then I was sick. I've written here about it before so I won't go into detail, I'm sure many people here know the withdrawal routine. I ended up getting some vicodins and tried really hard to go easy on them. I failed, and I was sick all over again. I understand, it was my fault for smoking weed and getting discharged from the sub doc. I get that. And I paid for it. Fast forward to the end of Jan 2012 and I start having lower back pain, blood in my urine which I know is kidney stones. I've had a history of kidney stones since I was 14 yrs old, and have had surgeries in the past (most recently was 2 surgies in 10 days in Aug 2008). I go to the urologist office where I was treated for kidney stones back in 2008. The xray showed several stones, one being very close to obstructing which is what happened in 2008 and required surgery. The urologist gives me rapaflow (to move the stones out) and percocet for the pain which was legit pain and you've ever had kidney stones you'll know that pain. I take the rx to Rite Aid, which is where I got the Dec 2011 sub rx filled. I was told by the pharmacist that she would not fill the percocet rx because of the suboxone. I asked for the rx back to go to a different pharm because I was seriously in pain. The pharm refused to give it back. She then told me she had to call the urologist and let her know I was on sub for opiate addiction. After waiting 3 hours, she finally fills the rx. *side note .... I was addicted to oxy contin when I went to the sub doc for the first time. 5mg percs barely touch me unless i take a whole lot of them at once. I was in severe pain with the stones. 2 days later I passed one (OUCH) but continues to have pain. On Feb 14th I ended up in the er in severe pain again. A ct scan was done and I was told there are several large stones that were 6mm in size that will not be able to pass on their own. On Feb 16th I returned to the urologist office for a follow up to discuss surgery vs lithotripsy. The PA (not the original doc) at the urologist saw me. She walked in the room with my ct results and the first thing she says to me is I will not give you pain meds for this. Okay, I didn't ask for any. At this point I was not dope sick, not having withdrawal. I had not taken any pain meds for several days and was not looking for any, just there to discuss where to go next with these kidney stones. The PA said 5 times during the conversation that she was not going to rx me pain meds. It pissed me off because again, I hadn't aksed for any. Obviously she knew about rite aid calling there about the perc rx and I guess she thought I was there loooking for pain meds. I'm actually feeling good about not being withdrawing and honestly didn't want pain meds, just wanted to discuss the treatment plan for the kidney stones. Whatever. She told me to come back in a week for a recheck, which i had an appt for this coming Thurs. Over this past weekend, another stone passed (big ouch again, but I dealt with it). Yesterday I called the urology office and left a msg for the doc or PA to call me back because I want to proceed with the lithotripsy, I don't want to just come in for a recheck this week. These visits cost $175, my insurance covers 75 of that so I've got major medical bills piling up, for the xrays..for the ct scan, for the er visit, etc. Sooo, a nurse calls me back and the first thing she says is ... Crystal (the PA) said to tell you she will not give you pain meds! WTF? I didn't ask for any! I said that to the nurse again, and she says Crystal says to go to your pcp for pain management because she refuses to give you narcotics. UGH! I'm feeling good about not being dope sick and staying away from pills, last thing I want is to start on them again, i simply want to set up the lithotripsy. So I said this is bs, I want to come in and get copies of my records and go somewhere else. The nurse says she will call me back. She does, and says that Crystal the PA says for me to make another appt with the original urologist to discuss the plan of action for the kidney stones. Reluctantly I agreed because as mad as I am about the whole *no pain meds for you* thing, I'd rather not have to start over with a new urology practice especially since the current office is where I was treated back in 2008.

Here are my questions:
Was it even legal for the pharm to deny filling my perc rx like that and contacting the urologist? I didin't give consent for her to discuss my previous sub rx from Dec 2011 with anyone.

The original sub doc who discharged me ... was it legal or whatever for her to tell me I could remain a patient if I entered treatment, only to get a letter 2 days later discharging me? Can they just kick someone out who's been taking 24mg sub per day for 19 months without giving a taper schedule or whatever? Can they leave a pt with 90 subs, at the same dose for 19 months, and not help them wean?

I'm being discriminated against at the urology office because of the Rite Aid pharm contacting them like that, and btw I hadn't had a sub rx filled for 2 months prior.

Was it ok for the sub doc to send a letter to the pharmacy in Dec saying I was discharged from the practice for *drug abuse*? It was weed I tested + for, not anything else. I had not tested + for opiates since I started there in 2010.

I know I signed a bunch of papers when i went in for the first suboxone appointment. I should've read them carefully of couse, but when you're so dope sick from coming off oxy contin and relief is a few minutes away in the form of suboxone...I would've signed anything at that point.

Sorry this is so long!! The sub doc by mailing out that letter in Dec is making me out to be a drug addict looking for pills in the eys of the pharm, and now in the eyes of the urologist. It's embarassing and I also question how she lied about my returning to the office, sent a letter that same day discharging me, didn't give me any type of taper schedule, and also I've been told that sub docs are supposed to require patients to get counseling. She never told me that, never said i had to go the counseling/treatment until my very last visit with her.

Thanks for reading. Any advice would be appreciated. I'd like to report the sub doc to the fda? dea? medical board? Not sure where to go with this.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2012 1:13 pm 
Wow. I get angry when I hear about this happening to people. I am so sorry you had to go through all of this. Nice to meet you, by the way. I am new to the forum, and this is one of my first posts.

Unfortunately, I think everything that happened to you was, in fact, legal. Your mistake was not going to a different pharmacy to fill the percs. When I had to have surgery, one of my friends told me to use a different pharmacy then I fill my Sub script at, and he was right.

The pharmacies have those databases to stop people from doctor shopping. The weird thing about your story is that you weren't still on Sub when they denied the percs. I don't know how long you have to be off Subz before this stops being considered "doctor shopping" (I know you weren't ACTUALLY doctor shopping, but that is how the pharmacist saw it). I wouldn't have thought to use a different pharmacy if I was already off the Sub! Unfortunately, it is legal for your doctor to contact the pharmacy, and vice-versa.

Normally, when a patient is discharged, they are given a final script. Did you sign a contract when you started with the Sub doc? I know most pain patients/maintenance patients have to. It may specifically state in that contract that if you are discharged for drug use, you are gone without a final fill. It isn't right, but I am pretty sure it is legal.

You need a different pharmacy and different doctors. If you just switch up, you should be alright from this point. Sadly, I don't think you have a case for legal action, but I am not a lawyer. If you have the $$, maybe you can talk to one.

I hope you are able to work this out. Be extremely careful when signing any records releases. You should probably get a copy of your records and see what is in there.

I really hope your pain has dissipated and you are feeling better.

P.S. This makes me wonder about all the drug tests my psych (prescribing Sub doc) gives me. He says he doesn't care about being THC+, which I am sometimes, but I mean, those tests go to the lab so those records must be in my file.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2012 1:51 pm 
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Sorry you have so mistreated by your Sub doc and pharmacy. Yes, a large part of this is your own fault by having THC in your system. I signed the same papers and they were very clear about discharging me if I did not comply.

But, that is now history and you are in quite a situation. My advice is to ask your regular GP to refer you to a Pain Management Clinic. Be honest with them and use a different pharmacy with whatever you get from them. I was referred to one and they put me on a Butrans patch which has Bup in it but at a low dose where you don't feel it. It'll keep you from w/d's and you can also take some pain meds with it. You probably won't feel them but they should help with your pain.

I'm really not sure of what you can do at this point. The pharmacy might have broken some law and a phone call or two wouldn't hurt. And yes, your Sub Dr. should have tapered you but I don't think there is any law requiring it.

Do your best to find a place that will treat you.

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