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PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2012 10:35 am 
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[font=Verdana] [/font]Hello everyone... just a bit of background... on July QO ill be loritab frr for 4 yrs..I've been on suboxone for almost 4 yrs... I finally decided it was time to come off of EVERYTHING... 8ts been a is my story... I was diagnosed with 2 dyerniated disks in my lower back.. so the doctor decided since I was having minor pain to put me on loritabs... they worked for a while till I started abusing them at the rate of 20 a day... I never had to street buy because my mom had the same script..if I ran out she floated me till mine came in..sad I know... I wasn't proud of the crap I did while using loritabs... even trading my own mother plain vitamins saying they were tabs..mind you this was 5 yrs entire addiction lasted 8 months.. then I realized I had a problem..I was lying to loved ones and being someone I knew I wasn't... so I sat my entire family down..told them EVERYTHING I had done (all part of the process my friends) I put myself into detox and wlked out feeling 100% normal on suboxone... they had me on R Img a day at first...then to E...then to the strips... ick...strips taste like ass just sayin... nyways... I finally had the talk with my doctor and decided to taper in December I tapered to 3 stripes to one... then from one strip to a tiny piece of a strip equal to 1mg of sub a day... I finally jumped at that point...its now day 6..I find if you keep yourself up and going it helps a lot...laying downall day will make you feel like sh*t I don't reccomend it...drink lots of water and do take something to keep your belly settled...crackers and water will be ur fav meal for a while... better then nothing... and yes I do still have loose bowels.. that's part of it too..I realize this is a final step in a process to get my life back 100%... I am fully aware I did this to myself because of a weakness I had at one time.. I am ready for this new life ...folloing is a list of meds I've weaned off of since starting this process.. and I feel great.. if I can leave you with a word of advice don't fill every script a doctor gives you I found out that living a better life and making better choices will set you on the right path..not a medicain cabinet stuffed to the brime with useless scripts... I took myself off of: loritab... 2 anti anti axiety med...ambian... and 2 asthma meds.... all of which I found I do better without... so that's my story... does anyone have something to share? Please?

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 7:00 am 
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Hello Redd - first I want to apologize that your post went unanswered. Somehow it feel through the cracks and I'm very sorry for that.

Thanks for sharing your story with us. I noticed you said this: "I am fully aware I did this to myself because of a weakness I had at one time."

Please understand that opiate addiction is NOT about personal weakness! It's a disease and once that first opiate was introduced to your brain it was like a switch was flipped and it could no longer be turned off. That's when the control went out of your hands - at least in terms of the cravings in your brain that you couldn't control and the need for continued opiates. Yes, we are responsible for our decisions and behavior, but that doesn't mean that addiction is about our character or our personality or our strength (or lack thereof).

Think about if you had Type II diabetes. Yes, you have some control over lifestyle choices, but much of what your body is doing is a physical, medical condition and a doctor gives you meds for it. Do you blame yourself for that disease? Just something to think about; I'm not asking you to answer these questions now.

Good luck with the rest of your acute and post acute withdrawals. It sounds like you're doing pretty well so far. Although I wouldn't go so far as to tell people not to take their doctor-prescribed meds.

And welcome to the forum! :)

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