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 Post subject: Hello all..My intro...
PostPosted: Sat Nov 14, 2009 6:12 pm 
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[font=Comic Sans MS] [/font] [b][i]Hello all. :) I've been lurking "around" here for a few months. I've been TRYING to KICK a massive Norco habit for years....I Finally decided for sure that I'd had ENOUGH. I found a counselor, an ex addict himself, that hooked me up w/ an awesome, CARING, kind MD that IS licensed to Rx Suboxone. My induction date was 7/16/09. I'm 121 DAYS, 2,904 hours free of my drug of choice. [u]I know, that's NOT very long, but it sure IS a lot of 24's NOT counting pills, Not going to look at them, not dealing w/ con artist rip-off assholes.... NOT having to figure out ways to get more, not lying to my husband of nearly 30 years about where I was GOING, and....being given the FREEDOM to attend functions! We were invited to SO MANY things, graduations, weddings, just the normal things in LIFE! I could NEVER say for sure that I would be anywhere in a week, 2 weeks or 3 weeks. I MAY not have had my drug of choice...thus, I'd be laying home dopesick. ...
I even made excuses as to WHY we COULDN'T go on family vacations! Once, we did. Naturally, I ran out of my "medicine". Hubby took me to a prompt care type deal in Florida. I was Rx'ed Stadol nasal spray. Of COURSE, i 'snorted" too much. We took our then ten yr old son to a little I talian reataurant, and mama nearly passed out in her plate of spaghetti. :oops: CUTE, huh?
Same as you all. Sick & tired of being sick & tired. I AM NO different than the addict that lays on the street, I've realized. I used to justify my drug abuse by saying "I go to work", "I OWN my home".......yada, yada, yada but an addict IS an addict IS an addict. Period. We all need help. Some of us are LUCKY enough to FINALLY get it. First, and foremost, we have to do it because WE want it. Not our parents, siblings, lovers, etc.
I am a 48 yr old wife & mother of 2 (now adult) children, a beautiful, independant, successful 28 yr old daughter, and a happy, healthy, energetic fine looking tall young man, and a yorkie, lol. Hubby got her for me because our youngest, now 19 flew the coop after graduation two years ago to pursue furthering his education and all that fun stuff, & hubby was SURE I was "empty nesting." I admit- I WAS. The last thing I wanted, OR NEEDED was a dog! I had just lost a dog, one that I truly loved, that had been with us for fourteen years & died on my lap of congestive heart failure.... only 8 months prior to a new dog....TOO SOON! Oh well, she's here now, and she's growing on me....
Suboxone SAVED my life. We cannot JUST TAKE A PILL & be "well"! There is much work to do on our part.....but because of suboxone, it's bought me some much needed time to be ABLE to function properly in the right (RECOVERY!) mindset in which to be both mentally & physically able to DO what I need to do. Along w/ counseling, meetings, both 12 step (I prefer AA- not a drinker, but...NA says we sub ppl aren't "clean") & I'm NOT gonna lie, that's something that's GOING, not continuing! We have a "sub ONLY group" that is mandated by my Dr. & my counselor chairs the meetings. It IS helping too! To all the newbies, congrats! To all the "old-timers"- THANKS for being here for US. To Dr Junig- thanks for the suboxone talk zone! For all of these things, I'm grateful. I started out @ 8mg per day. At my NEXT weekly appt., I went up to 16 mg per day. At my 3rd, I went up to 24mg per day. Then, I went up AGAIN to 28 mg. Now, I've went back DOWN to 24mg per day. This next visit, I'm telling him I want to go down to 20mg. The following month, I'm going down to 16. I am hopeful to be able to get DOWN COMFORTABLY at a maintenance dose of 4 mg/day. That IS my goal. From there.....I'm not sure how long I'll be on that dose, or WHEN I'll start tapering off. :?: No worries as of now. Just grateful for another 24. If anyone wants talk, or know anything else, just PM me! :oops: Sorry for such a long intro......

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