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 Post subject: Hello again :)
PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2012 9:12 am 
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Few of you may remember me, because I wasn't around for that long, but a few months back I found a lot of information here and just wanted to update. Its been crazy busy here, but I'd like to start popping in here on a regular basis.

I've now been on suboxone for almost 4 months now and I honestly believe suboxone is a wonder drug. I was in the clinic last week after I got really sick and the "doctor" was the same lady who overprescribed me and got me addicted in the first place. Of course I told her, and she could eventually see, that I was on Suboxone. "Oh, I'm so proud of you! Thats so wonderful! Oh, how awesome!" I about flipping puked right then. So I said, as casually as I could, that Suboxone is an awesome thing and that I wish someone would have told me about it 2 years ago. Do you know what her response was?? "Oh, um, yeah, you know, things happen for a reason" Really?! That didn't just HAPPEN, you withheld information from me that could have saved so much suffering...from the pain of withdrawals, my back pain, pain I caused my husband. I almost strangled her lol She was kinda right though, I do believe that everything happens for a reason.

I'm now enrolled in college, studying business management with an emphasis in marketing, and I love it. Between that and the kids going to school, my days fly by in a blur.

I was wondering though, if Suboxone loses its pain relief qualities after a while? For the last few weeks, my back has been killing me. When I first started taking it, it really helped with my pain, but for some reason it seems to have worn off. I thought maybe it was because I wasn't taking my Subs on time every day, but thats not it. Then to top it off, I fell down the last few steps the other was kinda funny, actually. I was running way late, as I always do, and I had one high heeled shoe on and I'm booking it down my hallway and down the stairs like the hounds of hell are on my ass and I almost made it...almost! lol But my heel got caught in the carpet and my legs basically gave out and I fell down 4 stairs. I was fine, but now my back is really bugging the hell out of me. There are certain ways I can't move without feeling a sharp pain and a "pull" in the middle of my back, I've been getting shooting pains in my legs again and its even going into my feet. Again. On a scale of 1-10, the pain has been a constant 4 and I don't see my new suboxdoc {thanks to whoever coined that term :} until Thursday.

I'm so sick and effing tired of being in pain. I am so exhausted and just thinking that I may never get relief is enough to make me wanna curl up in a little ball and cry. Nothing ever works long enough to make my "quality of life" better, and nobody will even consider opening up my back because that could really reduce my quality of life and I'm too young {28} that no doctor would even consider touching me. Everything that is "wrong" shouldn't be causing me pain, but it is. Everyone made me feel as if it was all in my head because, according to them, addicts can magically create pain to justify their habit. Bullshit. I knew I wasn't crazy cause its been 4 months now and I'm in just as much pain now as I was then. Maybe its because I still expect to have no back pain, to have my old back back {haha!} like it was before I had my daughter. Thats not to say I didn't get backaches...after getting pregnant with my oldest at 13, my back kinda went to hell lol I would get backaches, but nothing a couple Advil and some rest couldn't take care of. I told my husband the other day that the pain is so bad that I wish I could nom nom nom my way through a pharmacy...mmm, muscle relaxer! mmm, anti-inflammatory! mmm, painkiller! {set to the sound of "mmm, piece of candy" from Family Guy loll} And of course he wants to SOLVE my problems...he doesn't understand I just need to vent sometimes.

Anyway, just wanted to pop back in and see if pain was less controlled by subs the longer you were on them and give those of you who remember me an update. I appreciate all your help :) Also, I read the Suboxdocs article about tooth decay and sub use and I just want to say that I think it does accelerate the process. I have a tooth that needed a filling before I started subs. After I had been on subs for a little bit it got worse and now I need a root canal. I believe its sped up the decay of another tooth because the whole right side of my mouth KILLS when I try to brush my teeth now.

Hope everyone is well and has a great day! I apologize for the length of this post...I obviously needed to vent again lol

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2012 9:46 am 
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Hey Honored and welcome back! I just joined at the end of June, been on Subs since the beginning of July, so just about the same amount of time you have been, around 4 months. I too found a lot of great information here and a lot of great people!

I'm glad you're doing so well now, sounds like you've got your life back in order... I have too with the help of suboxone. I was also so tired of going thru withdrawls, the physical and mental pain those pills caused me and my husband. I was just draining myself and my hubby with my addiction physically, mentally, emotionally, financially... I wish I had known about and started suboxone years ago, but like you and your wonderful dr. says "everything happens for a reason." Whatever... right? LOL

It does suck when you want to so badly scream at your dr. for over prescribing the absurd amount of pain pills they did for us, but you can't really do that... I know. I actually got an ear infection about 2 weeks after I started suboxone and went to see my family physician, but ended up with a nurse. I told her I needed an anitbiotic or drops or something, but NO PAIN MEDS, because I was on suboxone for addiction. She told me that was great to hear, but then tried to write me a prescription for ultram! Ummm no, did you hear what I said bitch? NO PAIN MEDS! She tried to tell me that I could take ultram for the pain on top of the subs... I swear, why can some drs. and/or nurses not understand? If you give an addict a prescription for any kind of pain med, they WILL abuse it! I left the office with a script for an antibiotic and some drops, told my sub dr. about her and he about flipped out... LOL What a dumb ass... so yes, I completely understand what you're talking about. :wink:

About your back pain, I completely understand that as well. I had back problems for years, but was in a car accident in 09 which left me with 2 herniated discs. The pain was unbearable for years, now it's for the most part under control. I really think I made it worse with the pain pills. There's a term for that, but I can't for the life of me think of what it is, but basically I was masking the pain, but made it even more sensitive with all the pain pills I was taking. Thankfully, mine is not as bad now, better than it's ever been actually. I know there are several people on here that take suboxone for addiction and chronic pain, and they'll probably jump on here too and give you more info about that. Your dr may have to prescribe you a higher dose and you should probably be dosing 2 or 3 times a day at smaller amounts. Go through the "Opiates and Chronic Pain" board and read some of those posts and you'll see a lot of people over there and read about how their docs have them dose several times a day instead of once for pain. I think that might help you a lot!

As far as tooth decay and suboxone... I personally haven't noticed any difference in my teeth with suboxone either, but I'm on a fairly low dose. I take 4mgs a day, so it may be different for people who take a higher dose. They may notice it more. I hope I don't have to deal with that, but over time, I may... I guess though for me the benifits that I get on suboxone would override having to deal with dental health. I'm happy, I'm not spending every dime we have on pills, I'm a better mother, and a better wife.

I'm sure you'll get a lot of other great responses, I'm not too much help, but I do understand what you're saying and I wish you the best of luck! Keep posting, keep us updated! :D

Invis ~<3

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