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About Gummy Worms (And Other Candy)
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 Post subject: Gummy Worms
PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:13 pm 
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Hey, I decided to post this here since this is the misc posting area. I love sour gummy worms and I believe that eating them can help with avoiding cravings caused by triggers that we come into contact with. The downside of this, is, of course, the potential for weight gain. But, I'd rather be fat and sober than skinny and using. You know what I mean? I guess anything can help steer you away from relapsing in a moment if it takes you from the situation and the thought for just five minutes or so; drink a cup of tea, take a walk, talk to a friend/support person, eat a handful of gummy worms, etc.

The worms just work for me currently. I have a bag right next to me as I type this. Not because I've any cravings to use, my suboxone dose is sufficient and I've enough outside support now that I don't have as many cravings and urges as I had in the beginning of my recovery. That's not to say I don't still have them. I have a list of other things to do when presented with certain triggers when they're absolutely unavoidable in daily life. Well, I've digressed far from my main subject. Which is gummy worms. My one question in this off-top/misc area of the forums is this:

Which brand of gummy worms do you prefer and do you prefer the sour ones or the plain ones?

To me each brand of gummy worms seems to have a different taste and texture. I highly prefer the sweet ones over the overly sour ones. In my gummy worm eating experience "Werner", "Haribo" and "Black Forest" all produce sour gummy worms that start out sweet and then become sour the closer you get to the actual 'worm' while "Trolli", "Mountain Country" and "Ferrara Pan"'s "Sqworms" all taste really sour all the way through. Oh, and all of the sweet brands seem really light and squishy in texture and the sour brands are a bit harder.

I should put this in a poll. I think I will. A short and fun one. ^_^

Don't you all love how I've wasted all this time and space just to talk about candy? It say a lot about how far I'm come, (and how far I still need to go! lol), that I can take the time to post about something as mundane as sweets.

Thanks and stay safe and happy everyone!

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