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PostPosted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 7:33 pm 
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I got switched from the new film that’s been talked about (the Sublingual Film 8mg/2mg), to the generic Subutex 8mg tabs. I hadn't even heard that Subutex is now generic until just recently. I initially thought that it had been generic for like, forever. I’ve only been on this stuff now since October 4, 2010 and I knew that my dr. was adamant about putting me on the Suboxone Film and that's it, no Subutex. I never understood exactly why he wouldn’t put me on Subutex, but he indicated that if I was a woman and pregnant, then he would, but being a guy that wouldn’t ever be the case. From my reading up now, the film has 2mg of naloxone in it and I understand that it so I can’t go crazy with the bup cause the nalox.will prevent that. But in further study now, I have read that the Subutex is available in both ways; with the naxolone and without. The generic that I wanted was because from experience with my prescription insurance I already knew, as a general rule they ONLY paid for "generic" medications and the Suboxone Sub. Film was certainly not generic!

To make a long story short I had lost my job two weeks into starting this program and was paying out of pocket for these strips. The pharmacist were I went (the dr.'s office was right next door - even in the same building), used that coupon from the Manuf., but that was only for $75., and ONCE per month. So along with the coupon during the first month, the pharmacist tried like a MILLION internet savings coupons/discount cards that I had/and brought in with me; I even used local discount cards from the county that I lived in and there was even a card from my state (Michigan); and he would even show me the printout (as he ran each discount card/coupon I brought in), that the price he was charging me per strip was the best deal I would ever find (he said). And I had no reason not to trust this guy; trust me since he was the same building as the Dr., word would get out from just one person doing research if indeed was overcharging and telling people otherwise. I wanted to first see what everyone thinks about this; he charged me $6 per strip and honestly I have not found anyone that charges less for cash price.

Now for the Update:

Now here's the kicker! - I'm getting my insurance back through COBRA; and wait, no it's not horrific like I assumed it would be, my BCBS PPO plus Perscription coverage is only $140 a month and let me tell you, after having had it a year & a half. I will tell you that it had paid a lot for me, my Dr. office visits were only $20 and scripts were only $4 (generics only).
-So while I'm waiting for the COBRA to process through (like 1-2 days longer), I was told by the same pharmacist that likely my insurance will *NOT* cover the generic Subutex!! He wasn't saying it to make me mad, but with over a year and a half experience with taking many meds, my coverage has ALWAYS covered everything any doctor's had scripted and even the generic Adipex (which is a CIII Stimulant, is covered but just at a little higher co-pay $15).
And so since this guy isn't with my insurance company because the Prescription coverage that I get Only allows me to go ONE of TWO routes; which is either through a local pharmacy chain (Inside the Mid-West Grocery Chain called Meijer, INC in Michigan, Inidiana, Ohio, Kentucky and a few others), AND or through a company called "Express Scripts", which is ONLY mail order, but they are the "provider" that oversees my prescription insurance.

Does anyone know when I try and transfer this script over to my "Meijer, INC/Express Scripts", Pharmacy/Insurance Provider, if it will get denied or covered, *OR* even covered SOME?!?!?

Anyone with input would be GREATLY appreciated!

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 07, 2010 8:41 pm 
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Subutex never has the naloxone in it. That's what makes it different from suboxone. Your doctor didn't tell you that, did s/he? Anyway, I also have BCBS/PPO (but it's through the State of Michigan). We used to have Express Scripts, but it recently switched over to Medco. I thought all of BCBS switched over to Medco, but I could be wrong. Even if you do have Express Scripts still, you can call them and simply ask if they will cover it. If, however, you find that you did get switched to Medco, you can go to their website (only takes a second to register) and you can check your prescription coverage online. I honestly don't recall if Express Scripts allows you to check for med coverage online, but you could give it a try.

The other thing you might be able to do is take the script to Meijers or Walgreens (or where ever) and ask THEM if it's covered. I guess I'm not understanding how your doctor would know that it's not covered. But maybe I misunderstood you.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 12:37 pm 
I have blue cross and it has switched from express scripts to med-Impact. It originally said it would only cover generic so i dont think your gonna have too much trouble with that. I actually had a few problems with generic subutex and had to switch to namebrand subutex and they still covered it. The only reason they covered it though is because the prescription was signed "Dispense As Written". All you have to do is call them and ask. The worst they can say is no. Now, if i have completely misunderstood your question forgive me. Im not sure i completely understood it but i did my best. Hope this helps. ~PEACE~

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