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 Post subject: Glad some stick.
PostPosted: Sat Apr 20, 2013 8:57 pm 
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I just wanted to say first that I am really glad that many have been posting and have stuck around for a long time now. So. Thanks to the usuals here that I've had to pleasure to talk and sometimes duke it out with for the last year or so. You have truly changed my life and immensely helped my recovery with suboxone.

Also. I live in an area where we are required to go to NA/AA meetings (4 per week in the beginning), go through 4 phases, access to other treatments, and many other great things for recovery.

Just for those curious readers.... The 4 phases go as follows.

90 consecutive days clean from alcohol and all substances (minus suboxone.
Weekly doctor visits for half hour and therapy group for one hour..
4 meetings a week required.
Must have a functioning sponsor.

Intermediate :
Lasts from 90 days until one year of clean time consecutively.
Bi weekly doctor and therapy for same times.
8 total meetings required and journal.
More questions asked about step work/recovery.

Lasts after one year until 3 years clean time consecutively.
Monthly doctor and therapy groups for same times.
More questions about step work and sponsorship. (expected)
Meeting attendance expected but not required to have documentation.

After 3+ years clean time consecutively.
Monthly doctor group, but no more therapy group.
Some questions, but nothing intensive.

So. In conclusion, it is pretty structured and serious about 12 step recovery. Our doctor is very knowledgeable in addiction to opiates and knows what works for most and doesn't stray from his path. On the other side of things.... From beginner to final group, there are many many people that haven't changed anything about themselves and have NO recovery. Almost everyone falsifies their meeting documentation. The doctor that is the lead physician makes money as a rep for RB..... So generics are totally out of the question unless allergic to films. It's crazy. It's almost like as long as you take your suboxone they are secretly satisfied. They never really ask the right questions when they clearly know that someone is lying about everything they do./are doing. It happens every clinic. So. My sponsor and I are both very active in this forum and are the only two patients that are educated about suboxone. Well. And recovery for that matter. Most coast through, get their script, and run out the door. We try really hard to inform others and make a difference, but to no avail. Nobody cares. Nobody wants to go the extra mile for recovery. It's sad. But. At least I have a sponsor./good friend/partner in crime lol in the same boat as me. It helps a lot.

So. Idk why I posted this. Just wanted others to know how intensive our program is and it still doesn't really do anything different or better for those that just want to take suboxone or don't WANT recovery. Just showing that it doesn't matter if you have all these helping hands or just a doctor visit.... Unless you want to stop using drugs.... You won't. Regardless.

Also. This is why I post so strongly about some things so passionately or strongly sometimes. Because I see living versions of the crap I find on here all the time. So I try to help. I try to tell others what I know works. What I have seen work in the lives of others and myself. That's all. Like just taking suboxone and No other drugs if you are going to seriously do the whole suboxone /recovery thing. I'm just one of 500 patients at my clinic.... But I try. At least I see what doesn't work alllllll the time!!!


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PostPosted: Sun Apr 21, 2013 7:35 pm 
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Thanks moviemaker,

I'm newer here, so I appreciate that. I'm no expert, by any means, but I try my best.

Thanks for the beginner to final time frame. Very insightful. Ill take all the info I can get.

Anywho thanks for the greeting. I predict a lengthy stay.


"It's much easier to take someone else's advice than it is to take our own."

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