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What should I do?
Poll ended at Mon Oct 25, 2010 3:10 pm
1) Quit cold-turkey, suffer though any WDs. 67%  67%  [ 2 ]
2) Pawn something to get back into the suboxone clinic. 33%  33%  [ 1 ]
3) Find an 'alternative' supply? 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Total votes : 3
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 Post subject: WD from 2mg cold-turkey?
PostPosted: Mon Oct 18, 2010 3:10 pm 
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I've been an opiate addict for the last ten years or so. I was on 160mg of methadone for 5 of those years. I managed to start weaning myself down to about 50mgs at my clinic, and didn't have any major problems.

Last year I got arrested and I was admitted into a drug treatment court where I wasn't allowed to take methadone but I could take suboxone. I made the switch after a few mildly painful days and was started on 24mgs, which I know now was probably too high. Over the last year I've managed to cut all the way down to 2mgs without any withdraws or relapses (I take 3 drugs tests a week). I've been telling myself for the last 5months or so that each refill would be the last. I stopped going to my sub doc because it was so expensive, luckily or unluckily I had a script for 60 8mg suboxone pills from before I started cutting down. I've managed to make that script last about 3 months but I haven't been able to get lower than 1-2mg or so just because they are so hard to cut any smaller, and I haven't had the willpower really.

Basically I'm writing for advice on what to do. I have one tiny crumb left (.5mg?) that I'm planning on taking tomorrow. I've tried not taking it for a day for a few times but always rationalizing it in my head that I need to for some reason or another.

I guess I have a few options. 1) I can stop cold-turkey from 2mgs hoping it won't be that bad and just try to suffer through it. 2) Go back to my doctor and have them start me on 2mg pills I can cut up into smaller doses. Though this isn't really an option because I will have to pay the re-admittance fee in addition to the regular $250 visit. Or 3) Try to find some old contacts and hope I can get 2-3 suboxones, then give them to my NA sponsor and have him wean me off with those.

I know everyone's body is different and no one can tell me how it's going to feel but if anyone has any experience or hope coming off 2mg of suboxone I'd appreciate it. I haven't had any withdraws to speak of coming down from 24mg to 2mg, but I am just now reading about saturation levels and I'm wondering if that played a part in not having WDs so far. Also hearing anyone's thoughts on my problem would be appreciated as well.

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