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 Post subject: First appointment
PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:25 am 
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Hello. I have some concerns about going to see my Suboxen Doctor for the first time.

I have been addicted to opiates on and off for about 5-6 years now. Lately I have been doing 100-120 4mg hydromorphones every month within a 2-3 week timespan, along with other narcotic painkillers mixed in here and their, but mostly the morphones.

I just got my appointment set up and it's for the 29th of this month. My biggest concern is that by that time, I will have already used up all of my hydromorphone (I have terrible self-control) and the bulk of my withdrawal may already be over. The clinic is out of town and it costs $300 just to reserve the first visit.

I am worried that because it's possible that the bulk of my withdrawals may have already passed they will turn me away, even though I know undoubtable that I will once again become physically addicted once the next month arrives and my connections re-up with their hydromorphone. I have terrible withdrawal symptoms for up to a week long and often have to call in sick to work, and I have lost several jobs because of it. I get diarehha, nashua, extreme anxiety, the whole nine yards. I feel like suboxen maintenance is my only way out of this at least at this point in my life. I spend every dollar I earn on opiates and it's racking me up debt to not only my parents (I am 22 years old) but also credit card lines and collection agencies.

My biggest concern is that I will get to the appointment and they will take my blood test and find that I may not have as much opiates in my system as an actual addict would because my appointment happens to be on my 'addiction down time'. If I explain to them the structure and cycles of my addiction will they be understanding and still allow me to get on Suboxone therapy? Inpatient is not an option for me and I highly doubt it would help anyway. My long-term goal is to use suboxen to help get my life straightened out finacially and such, and then possibly ether taper off or go into inpatient once I am ready to get of the subs.

I truly do have a terrible addiction and it affects every aspect of my life. I know that if I could go into my appointment right now I would without a doubt be eligible because I am currently physically dependent and have bad withdrawal symptoms as I have had a steady flow of opiates, but in a week or two that flow will run out, and then in another week or so my appointment will come up and what then? It might seem like I'm not even an opiate addict.

If I explain my history, usage, and all that, is it possible they will still give me the therapy? I really need this and truthfully I feel like I may be headed toward either an overdose or some other self-induced death because I just can't take my addiction anymore and I really feel like Suboxone is the best option for me.

Thanks in advance for the replies/advice. I was referred to this doctor from my phsyciatrist who I have been seeing for many years.

I would also like to note that even after the bulk of my withdrawals pass, I still have a huge tolerance. I have bought suboxen before off the street to help with withdrawals and I sometimes need two-two and a half 8mg strips to fully get rid of my withdrawal symptoms. Everytime I am able to buy Suboxen off of someone I buy as many as I can because I like to use them to taper off my addiction. If I could taper off and then stop I would, but it's just not in me at this point, I am too stress, too depressed, and under too much pressure.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 2:21 pm 
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Hey there-
Hang in there brother, i also am going for my 1stwife appointment this Monday.
I am nervous, anxious and scared. I have so much riding on this option! I hope like you to have hope and some control in my life again.

I can only suggest honesty but i'm sure you will get some feedback - i did when i posted.

Wish you well


Found a little hope!

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