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PostPosted: Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:38 pm 
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Ok, so here's a bit of backround. sorry its a bit long. I have taken pain killers (vicodin etc) for 10 years or so but was never addicted or even felt close. Around the end of 2006ish I started getting ultram/tramadol (i know, it seems so weak now haha) everyday from a friend that I smoked pot with. After taking them a bunch of days in a row, I got my first withdrawals. They weren't horrible, but they really sucked and I started feeling like I need it.

Then I moved at the beginning of 2007 and all the sudden was able to get oxycontin, percocet, heroin, fentanyl, norcos, morphine, etc etc etc and got even more hooked. I was never taking crazy amounts or shooting up....but I would snort a couple 80mg OCs or 1/2 gram of heroin and smoke a bunch of pot, and sometimes take a couple benzos.

I tried methadone before, but I was half ready to quit. I still messed around sometimes, and i never stopped smoking pot. about 4 days after i was done with methadone I was back to using.

About 2 months ago I had some legal problems and started on Suboxone and actually really feel like I'm done for good this time (for the first time). I stopped smoking pot and other things and haven't taken anything but suboxone for over 2 months now. I haven't had any cravings whatsoever and the thought of using opiates really turns me off now. I got myself out of the circle of people that were using and things have been getting a lot better for me

they started me on 3 8/2 mg pills a day which i felt was way to much. I took 3 for the first few days, then started taking 2. I've been taking less than they tell me to take the whole time. The last month at least, i've been on 8mg a day or less. I was able to go 2-3 days sometimes without feeling bad at all. then i'd take 2 of them or something and be fine for days again. I started to think I wasn't going to get sick because it seemed like I could just keep going days at a time without taking anything

just recently I started trying to take less and go a few days between etc. I'm being prescribed 2 a day still, but try to take less than 1 a day. sometimes i'll feel fine all day, then all the sudden i get really really sick. but i dont feel like im withdrawing. I just feel super nauseous like im going to throw up and feel like i have the flu really bad. I get none of the obvious opiate withdrawal signs though. I also don't crave opiates at all when it happens. I dont crave suboxone either, but i just think "ok i feel horrible, maybe if i take my suboxone i'll be ok" and within 30 mins i'm always better

Just wondering if suboxone withdrawal is a lot different than normal opiate withdrawal. The main thing I was never able to bare was the cravings. I hated being sick, but the cravings and obsession were what made me ultimately end up using again

i dont want to get off all the way yet, but i dont want to be on it for a really long time either. either way im still taking noticably less than im supposed to be taking and usually not getting sick

sorry for the long post, would love to hear your experiences

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