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How long to wait after heroin? How to treat precipitated withdrawal? What dose of Suboxone is best? Do I have to be in withdrawal?
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Do I still take any oxys?

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Re: Day 2 should I been taking any more oxys

Wed Apr 09, 2014 5:53 pm

Thanks for the comments, Emmy. They are really appreciated. Always happy to help anyway I can. Concerning how long to remain on subs, I can give you an idea of how it was for me, and based on my own experience, and a few close friends that were also on subs, I can give you some suggestions. Ultimately you will have to be the one that decides. I also suggest reading as many posts here as you can. I gained plenty of knowledge from other members and how they approach bupe in general. Ask lots of questions also. The members should provide plenty of support, and give you many suggestions like they already have me during my short time here.

I took suboxone for a little over 4 years. I had very few problems along the way. I knew that for my level of addiction it was going to take some substantial time on the bupe to get myself back in some kind of working order I could be happy with, and proud of. I quickly realized that 6 months or so simply wasn't enough time.

The 4+ years gave me time to realize the extent of my addiction, and along with some therapy sessions, it also allowed me to understand why it was that I felt the need to abuse drugs in the first place. It allowed me plenty of time to no longer be interested in that life again, and for my brain to heal from years and years of abuse. I eventually tapered off the subs, and have now been off 1 full year as of April 2nd of this month! That's basically it and a short version.

With your use of oxy, and 8-10 of the 15 mg pills per day you may want to consider some extended time on the subs. I'm not saying you have to spend 4 years taking it like I did, just try not to be in such a hurry to get off right now as you mentioned. Maybe one year is plenty of time for you, maybe not? Maybe less time would be ok? Or maybe you need to take it the rest of your life? Be open to all possibilities is the very best suggestion I can make right now. This disease is serious business and takes lives. That's why I'm here myself, seriously thinking of getting back on the subs to help prevent any kind of potential relapse. I've got one year off everything and know what could happen. Not certain if you've read my thread or not, but additional info is there if you care to take a peek at it.

I also agree that some time spent in group therapy, or with a personal counselor is a smart move. Maybe attend some NA or AA meetings, or one of the other support groups around. These tools are a valuable part of the entire process. I need to attend more meetings myself and I know it.

These are my thoughts on the matter Emmy. Otthers may have different suggestions to relay upon you. Take Razor's advice and ry to read as much of what Dr. J writes as possible. He truly gets it, and has experienced it too! Hang tough Emmy.


Re: Day 2 should I been taking any more oxys

Wed Apr 09, 2014 8:52 pm

So Emmy, I've been following your post, and noticed that you had some questions about how long you should stay on Suboxone. of course this is a personal decision, some stay on it longer than others, some even plan on taking it for life. after all people with other life long conditions take medication to treat it for a life time, and addiction is considered a life time condition. while others only use it for a short time to help with detox, the relapse rate for this method is quite high for taking it less than a year, over 90%, and still others stop taking subs because of pressure from others about being on it, also not a good reason to stop taking your medication. many experts recommend several years or more on Suboxone for it to be most effective.

I found this article with advice by Dr. Junig, a sub expert, and our forums founder, about how long one should remain on Suboxone very helpful and hope you will too Emmy:-) I wish you the best.


Re: Day 2 should I been taking any more oxys

Wed Apr 09, 2014 9:53 pm

Thanks. I guess I didn't realize that it was possibly a long term medication. I'm not sure what exactly I was thinking. I guess that it was sort of a race to get off everything. I thought I did a decent amount of research before starting it but apparently didn't see that. I mean I read about people being on it for years but figured boy I can do it a lot faster then that! I wasn't really thinking of it as maintanence ongoing. That makes a lot of sense now though. It's more for preventing relapse down the road, so yea I'm pretty sure I was really nieve about it, and the power the drugs had over me and probably still could have in the future. I'll definitely check out the link! I can already see the long road ahead of fighting urges to just have one more, ya know? I'm going to really take it slow and look into NA meetings and probably some sort of therapy to figure out how I ever got to this point and why it took me so many years to stop.

Also, BP- where do I find the link to your postings?

Re: Day 2 should I been taking any more oxys

Thu Apr 10, 2014 2:20 pm

I am so glad I found this site! Emmy, I love how you said you hated the chase and BLOWING money, that played a big factor in making my decision to quit. I got a 500.00 bonus one Friday (4 weeks ago to be exact) and by Monday I had blown through it buying pills and heroin.....It is awesome to see I'm not alone, Razor you mentioned the lies you've told people, because of the lies I've lost the trust of my mother and one of my brothers because of my addiction. Thanks for the posts guys, we can and will get through this. Just have to WANT it. it seems to me that everyone on this site wants the same outcome, to be clean and free from this EVIL thing called addiction. I look forward to more posts. Thanks guys and gals.

Re: Day 2 should I been taking any more oxys

Thu Apr 10, 2014 3:01 pm

Wonder77- I'm so glad to have you here, yes we can support each other! My mantra since I quit oxys is "changing everything to change my life!" It's not just changing my life though, my hubby's and my daughter's life as well! My mom has been buying everything for my daughter lately because every cent I had was going to pills, ugh, I hate "that person" I was. I went to cvs today and bought Easter gifts for my daughter and was seriously in tears thinking why the hell didn't I change this a long time ago! How could those stupid pills have been more important then things for my daughter?!?

Re: Day 2 should I been taking any more oxys

Thu Apr 10, 2014 5:14 pm

Heading home for the day, hope you guys have a great day / night! keep strong. Hopefully talk to you guys tomorrow.