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 Post subject: Day 8/9ish
PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2012 6:27 pm 
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I had a whole other post typed out and for some reason it didnt post, so I will try it again in maybe a more condensed version- maybe not, we will see how it goes.... First I want to mention- I know how to spell and use proper punctuation but for some reason being in day 8/9ish of detox my fingers dont want to type whats in my head....

So last night was tough, lotta tossing & turning, couldnt sleep (nothing new) so I tried taking more of the pills I got from the dr. to help with the withdraw symptoms. I couldnt tell you which ones I took or how many during the night in my quest for a decent night sleep. However this morning my stomach was sore, Im guessing from the Methocarbam but it could have been the 6 honey buns I ate. As others have stated, my hunger level has gone up alot. I normally eat once a day in the late afternoon and snack though out the day. Now Im hungry all the time, cravings for weird stuff that I normally dont eat. Like Fired Chicken, I hate fried chicken, last night I would have jacked Colonel Sanders himself for a chicken leg....

About 3:30am this morning completly frustrated with the lack of sleep I got up and made a hot bath. Although it may not be very manly to take a bath it sure felt good, just to make known- at no time did I put in any bubble bath or have the urge to shave my legs... I soaked for about 30 minutes and almost fell asleep in the tub, so I got up went to my bed and ZONG- wide awake again.
My glowing red scalded skin from the hot bath some how lit me through my dark house, upstairs looking for a good place that I could sleep. I felt like Goldie Locks trying out the 3 bears beds, for some reason unknown to me I found comfort in my daughters old room with the big pink Princess house bed. Dint have the engery to climb up the ladder to the top bed, I just fell down on the bottom bed and threw over the comfort over my head.

I closed my eyes for what seem lke a second, I heard a noise, opened my eyes and the sun was just coming up. Couldnt go back to sleep. Most of today my mind seem more foggy than the other days, weird thoughts roll through my head like:

Why did they name a big ass SUV a Hummer?
Why are donuts round?
Why does the nieghbors dog always shit inmy yard?
Who was the genius that invented Pizza rolls?

Just random wierd stuff but still having normal important thoughts and questions like:
OK- This is one is for the guys- Does your... we will call it a "man-thing" get smaller during detox? I took a shower this morning and almost called 911... Something or Someone has shrunk my "man-thing" like 50%, Im like WTF is this all about?

If this is normal, Im assuming things will kinda just work themselves out soon... right??

So as you might be able to tell Im in the wierd mental stage of detox, mixed in with some moderate withdraws. One minute in this detox thing Im thinking this isnt so bad, next Im kinda freaking out, second guessing my choice to quit the subs.

Sorry to ramble on......

 Post subject: Comedy on Detox
PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:27 pm 
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For someone not feeling so hot you sure have one sense of humor. I got a good laugh at your story so I hope you post a lot more.

Was your shower a cold one? Shrinkage dude, shrinkage. Don't fret, the groundhog may be hiding but he will return to full stature sometime later. I won't go any further on that subject or we'll need to move this post to the Freestyle section.

It is normal for your brain to want to go back onto the Suboxone. Stay the course and hold on. Many others have quit and I haven't so I'll leave it to them to tell their stories.

You're doing great, just don't give in to the temptation.


Don't take yourself so damn seriously

 Post subject: Same issue here Tony
PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 4:09 am 
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As far as the "manhood" goes. I'm almost at a month and the turtle has showed it's head but still not come back out of the shell fully. I had been too embarrassed to even post that in my questions so happy to see I'm not alone. I still feel like goldilocks, hadn't found a bed I can sleep more than an hour in yet. I sure hope for your sake and mine that the sleeping disruption ends soon. Don't know about you but sleeping was the 2nd best part of my life before opiates. Now I am trying to stay positive and believe that the detox hell ends soon. Don't know how many more days(or nights) I will lay staring at the ceiling longing for peace and sleep but I hope it ain't too many more. Thank God for good medicinal maryjane here in WA state!

Anyway, good luck and god speed on getting some sleep...D

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