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PostPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2012 1:06 pm 
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I HAVE HAD A CRAZY EFFIN DAY. Listen to this...... another front tooth fell out. (8 months ago the same tooth on other side of my mouth fell out) I woke up Sunday morning with a tooth in my mouth. in the past eight months... 2 of my front teeth have just broke off at the gum. One eating an egg roll and the other while I was asleep. You know the two very front top rabbit teeth.....???? well the teeth on each side of the two rabbit teeth are the ones. So last time (8 months ago) I had a partial made for the husband had one (a partial) years ago and he would get one tooth at a time pulled and they keep adding a tooth to his partial til he had eight teeth his partial and then he had the rest pulled and did a full plate. Not me of course I guess my case is different because...I showed up at the dentist (same dentist) who refused to put another tooth on my partial she said I needed to get them all pulled and do a full plate. (My bottom teeth are in good condition.) I freaked out of course. Me the chronic worrier knew something crazy like this would happen, but my husband kept saying they are not going to let you go around with front teeth missing etc...But I guess because I let them (dental staff) talk me into paying a hundred dollars for a full mouth xray a few weeks ago so they could price out a full plate plus all the extractions and it is costing $2000.00. So because they did the Quote for me, now I am obligated to have the procedure done. I did not and do not have $2000.00, but told them I would save up. It would take a while because my friend who was paying to have this done for me because I did a bunch of legal work for her backed out...well they told me the reason they were refusing to do me a temporary partial which would cost $330.00 is because they "can not allow me to waste my money". I need to just keep that money I had on me and keep saving to get the full plate. That could be months maybe a year I said. Well "the dentist has refused to do it and I am sorry ma'am she was very matter of fact in her statement. I started crying and refused to leave until we my husband and I talked to the dentist ourselves. This place is Affordable Dentures. That's all they do is partials and dentures SO WHAT if I have to do a temporary fix. $330.00 is a lot easier to come up with than $2000.00. As much as I hated it I had to beg her to reconsider and when I say "begged" I mean plead, cry and tell her I could not walk around toothless. I told her I would be suicidal if I had to go without front teeth for god knows how long. My husband jumped in and said look she will never leave the house etc...she has been job hunting etc...and finally she got tired of us arguing, crying and begging and agreed to pull the tooth Friday and add a tooth to my old partial which would cost $225.00 instead of $330.00. A hundred dollars less than making me a brand new partial because the dog had chewed up part of this old one. That's all she is willing to do ever again...the next time I have to pay $2000.00 or wait until I can. Is this not unbelievable? I have the worst luck I have several friends that pulled one or two at a time as they could afford it add those teeth to their partials until eventually the partial needed to become a plate. At the same dental practice too. I appreciate her trying to save me money but punish me for not having the $2000.00 for an upper plate is what I feel like she is doing. If I had it I would do it because I have to watch every bite of food I eat. I have very few back teeth on the top so chewing is hard and I would love to eat a steak etc...NUT I CAN NOT HELP IT. My Husband was laid off and get's $200.00 dollars a week unemployment. Thank God we have no bills because I take care of the woman who lives upstairs that has Alzheimer. We have a cell phone bill and have to keep insurance etc...on our vehicles. I feel like her technique is a BULLY technique.

AND NOW (UNTIL FRIDAY)...... I want to hide under my couch from my Husband even and he is driving me crazy because he is so sorry for me he is going overboard to try to make me feel better for instance...He comes home yesterday (after he went with me to the dentist he had to go do a job) earlier than normal. He has called me twenty times to try to make me stop crying or worrying. So last night he would come sit beside me and say Hey BooBoo let me see. I say no Greg I don't want to and he says just let me see Boo...I smile and he hugs me and says it don't look that bad Boo. Which makes me mad because I know it looks awful so I start telling him to stop saying that because I know it looks terrible and we actually quarrel back and forth about how bad or not bad it looks. He goes to his TV room watches TV for a half hour or so comes back in sits down beside me and says Hey Boo smile at me let me see and I say No Greg stop I don't want to and he says Baby I swear it doesn't look that bad and I say Bull Shit Greg it looks terrible and then we quarrel over the fact he is trying to make me feel better but I tell him he is making me feel worse..... he goes back to his TV room watches TV and comes back in and well.....Get the idea???? This went on for hours. I even accused him of the reason he was asking me to smile and show it to him was underneath his concerns etc...he thinks it is funny etc...which hurt his feelings because he is a very sweet supportive man. This morning same thing before he left for work. I am counting the days down until Friday when they will pull the root out and give me the partial. Now I know I gotta save $2000.00 cause I know she (dentist) will never do it again. I think it is ridiculous for her to tell me how to spend my money but I am powerless here.

Well the other crazy moment of the day is this Same Morning (yesterday) I drive a friend over to my clinic for an assessment. I see my counselor while I am there and tell her about my teeth and she says hey did you know your oral swab showed up positive for benzo's last week. I said no way. This can't be. I do not do benzo's and she said well I knew that and it's been a problem with ten of my client eight I have done UA's on and all eight of those have all came back in negative so we think something is going on with the oral swabs...She said I knew pretty much yours had to be also a screw up because you have never had benzo's in your system.

I immediately said well UA me today right now please she said that's okay I really do not think you are positive since all these are showing negative. I said I don't care I want a test (UA) right now done because I at a high dose and qtc problems don't even want the chance that the doctor or the rude ass nurse to make any deal with it later down the road when they may forget about the defective swabs etc...I am requesting a UA in confirmation of this questionable swab. So she did a UA on me. I do not like nor take benzos but have you ever heard of this??? Oral swabs showing false positive for benzos???? That's all I need for the doctor to get a hold of a failed drug screen for benzos when I dose at 210mgs a day. He would cut me down for sure considering my qtc prolongations of 526. I am a liability already and plus tomorrow (Thursday) I am having that peak test done in my femoral artery. I do not need the doctor who is going well above his normal procedures to facilitate me with increases because I am a fast metabolizer who needs split dosing plus high dosage. So the nurses can not fail or refuse to stick me for the peak test he is bringing in all the necessary things he needs from his personal office to do the blood test himself. He will see me doing benzos as a smack in his face because of how over the top he has been for me. My counselor believes me that I am not doing benzos but I do not want him to have any question. DO U GUYS THINK I DID THE RIGHT THING? REQUESTING A CONFIRMATION URINE TEST????

Well Tomorrow is the big Peak Test in the femoral artery. I am scared. Worse than all I am just thinking things are crazy here in my life lately. I have the tendency to wanna believe anything can go wrong as this week has proven to be a very screwed up week for me. I am glad my friend who I took to the clinic for her assessment the other day will be going with me as she is seeing the doctor after me for her exam and orders. I worry too because when that rude nurse found out the doctor was going to do the femoral artery test she was pissed that he was doing such a test in this environment. She said she had to protect her license and not agree to such a thing and I could bleed out right there or later at home. etc...the Doctor told her to butt out which made her madder so I want to trust the doctor and not believe the nurse but I must say she was real adamant that this is a BAD IDEA. Said she was looking out for me, but she is the rude nurse that makes all the comments about You drug addicts can't be trusted. We are liars and need extreme monitoring. She thinks wafers need to be not given as take homes. Just a real control freak. She is always fighting with the counselors about their clients being high the lobby and refusing to dose them. I left the clinic and went to a fellow clinic down the road a few months back because I had wrote a grievance on her and her partner in crime and they tried setting me up a few times. I was found to be in the right and the partner in crime is no longer there. The doctor and the director asked me to come back to the clinic and this nurse has been pretty nice to me since then but now she is mad at me again because I will not confront the doc and refuse to have the femoral artery test done. So I am on her shitlist again. Oh well.

I know it sounds like a lot of drama and it is but I find methadone clinics seem to have drama going on especially when there is power plays with the staff. The counselors and the Doctors are on one side and the Nurses and security on the other side. We clients get caught up in their wars. I know this site seems to be more suboxone and since there is a big difference in Dr. Office Settings and Clinic Settings but I am wondering in the Suboxone world or any other methadone clinics if there is a tendency to mistrust clients like in my clinic. The nurses all believe the clients are up to no good, diverting their medications etc...the counselors are more empathetic towards the clients.

Wishing you the best in love and life. Finallyachance.

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