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PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 8:59 am 
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I promised myself I would share my story once I delivered, I'm typing this on my iPhone in between feeding so please forgive myriad typos that this will likely have! I delivered last week via c section, I just want to highlight info I think may be of help to someone else:
1. When I learned I was pregnant (big surprise-we thought we would need fertility treatments once of sub) I was on 8-10 mg daily of Suboxone. I immediately informed prescribing dr, he would not switch me to subutex, stating it was no longer considered neccesary during pregnancy and he would not advocate taper.
2. I sought out as many opinions as I could from doctors-the consensus was the same-taper could hurt baby ( I must admit, I was skeptical as the danger of tapering to baby was also followed by "and we wouldn't want you relapsing".. I know, I get it but seriously, relapse while carrying this baby wasnt at all a concern for me, I wanted off sub because I didn't want to be on Anything while preg. So...
3. I decided to SLOWLY taper, by start of 3rd tri I was down to 1mg, for much of the remainder no more then .18 mg ending at .06mg.
4. I had c section at 39 wks 3 days, they did a spinal (btw, I informed any and all of my care team of sub). It worked perfectly.
My post op care-not so much. I was on 800 mg Motrin every 8 hr and 5mg oxycodone every 4-6. The first 3 days and nights were rough, I was experiencing high levels of pain.
5. I did my best to express my concerns I may need (as many of you know-I DID need) higher doses of med to control pain-this fell upon deaf ears. I live in pill mill state of fla, suboxone isn't exactly a foreign drug around here, I'm still baffled.
6. The pediatrician, aware I had taken sub and of dose I was on, would not discharge my baby day three w me even though he showed no signs of NAS, my baby was transferred to level 2 nicu (at another hospital) when I was sent home. He stayed in nicu for an additional 4 days, he only once scored a 2 on NAS test for tone. RN said any baby could do same. My dose did not factor in at all I to the decision to observe him, I was told (and I know the whole nas not dose related fact) over and over again it was the fact he had been exposed at all. The whole situation was beyond difficult. Mothers guilt and all...
7. I finally have my baby home. He's doing great. I want to say that my nurses (all aware I was on sub due to opiate dependency on hydrocodone) were Amazing, very supportive. The fact that I was so candid helped I believe. The pediatrician was a hard on me at first but I think once he saw me break down in tears, he became more sympathetic.
So for me, tapering slowly to a low dose (and yes-it was tough) did not result in preterm birth, etc. My pain managment was dismal. My baby, most importantly, is healthy and finally home! Oh, and yes, I did get a visit day 2 from social services, that was hard too but the social worker just gathered some info about me and gave me a list of support groups. Im hoping that's the last of that. I'm off to do mommy time-best of luck to you all:-)

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2012 4:19 am 
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Thank you so much for sharing your story! Congratulations on your new baby boy! I'm sure that reading your story will offer a lot of information to other expectant moms. It sounds like you had a mixed bag, with the pediatrician insisting that your baby stay in the NICU. And lord, I hope you have insurance! He sounds pretty ignorant and punishing. The good thing is that his experience with you will probably influence him about suboxone moms for the better.

I think that the nursing community has been hit fairly hard with addiction problems, so they might be starting to learn more about suboxone and how it works, (although they certainly didn't seem to know about your tolerance of opiates!). I'm sure there are still some Nurse Ratchet types out there who are unsympathetic, but I'm glad that your nurses were good to you. Every patient deserves to be treated with empathy.

I hope you stick around the forum to help give other moms advice!


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