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PostPosted: Fri Oct 14, 2011 2:29 pm 
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I've read alot of people on hear having problems getting doctors close to where they live. I'm not sure how many of you on here are canadian but I just wanted to let you know that I ran out of my oxys on a Monday night, withdrwl for 24 hours and called the SEGUE CLINIC in St. catharines where I was told to come in tomorrow. I met with the nurse, filled out 30 mins of paperwork, all in full with drawl mind you, and was in with the doctor within 5 mins after that. We talked for 10 mins and he wrote me a script for 4mgx4x4 for day 1 and gave me another script for 12mgs for the next day. I took these pills as instructed but could not shake the anxiety (same anxiety that comes with withdrawl-the one where you want to rip your hair out and when you lie down your leg just has to twitch to feel a little better. Or the pacing all night anxiety-Im sure Im not the only one who;s had that),. Anywho, after not sleeping 1 minute that night ( talk about torture) I drove back to the clinic at 9:00 to explain how I was feeling. The doctor was nice enough to release my next 12mgs to me right then and there. I drove immediately over to the drug store where I took that pill. Still no relief from the anxiety. Now Im thinking, what the f!@k is going on. I thought this was supposed to work better than this. So, I go through the day, go to work, lock myself in my office cause I dont want to see or talk to anyone (I am a Probation Officer), but of course clients still have to be seen. One after another, "how are you, any police contact: No...ok good bye. 5:00 I head home and tell my wife Im going to bed and to leave me alone til tomorrow as I am exhausted but will not be able to sleep cause of the restlessness. I did get a bit of sleep luckily and after an hour sleep followed by some pacing, its 9:00am again. I head right back to the clinic. The doctor there upped my dose to 16mgs. Back to the pharmacy. Took the pill plus the clonazepm he gave me and Im finally feeling a bit better but I can stil feel a bit of tightness in my chest. Im wondering if it will ever go away.
Im so sorry for the long winded story, but what I was originally trying to say to all of you struggling to get into see doctors, long waits, days of visits before you even get 1 sub pill. There is a great place in St. catharines, Welland and NF-called the SEGUE CLINIC that is absolutely amazing, and if you live near here please try it.
God bless all of you and lets all get through this...ok

P.s If you have any questions about the dr's or directions please ask

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