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PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 11:38 am 
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[font=Comic Sans MS] I am on Oxycodone 30mg, currently taking 4-5 daily for pain, but am prescribed for up to 8-9 per day. I have MS, Crohns disease, Degenerative Disc Disease and other Auto Immune Disorders. In the past, I have never been on pain medication for long than 18 months at a time, depending on flares, with the exception being the last four years during which time I have been on them continuously. For a variety of reason I DO NOT wish to continue with opiate treatment for my pain at this level and have been slowly decreasing the type & strength of meds I've been using. I've recently discovered suboxone and found it to be a perfect fit for me. My Dr. has agreed to prescribe it as a pain management maintenance med, in sublinqual form (rather than the butrans patch as I'm told is 'norm' in pain management when addiction is not an issue), because of my issues with previous trans-dermal systems.
My question regards starting dosing and beginning dosage amount. My Dr. indicated he wants me at 1 30mg Oxy a day before switching to subs, but I thought you had to be in withdrawls to begin? Also, since the purpose is not to treat addiction or eliminate opiates per se, but to reduce and manage at a level I am comfortable with, is it necessary for me to wait/go thru the entire step down process on my current meds to get to down to 1 pill? Is it instead possible for me to simply go into slight withdrawls at the level I'm at by just not taking my dose for 12 hours or so and then begin the suboxone? I'm just eager to start, get off the Oxys and get my life back and do not want to have to wait, going thru some drawn out, month long step-down process in order to switch over.
Any info is Greatly appreciated!

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 2:47 am 
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happy thanksgiving!!!!

OK, Im going to attempt to answer your questions here the BEST I possibly can......
but first I need to say......

I am NO Doctor, and of course it's always the BEST idea to take YOUR DOCTOR's advice for any medication

With that said,,,
since oxy's are a rather rapid-leaving (out of your body) opiate, you are correct,, I dont see why you would have to taper down
to one, OTHER than, if your going to be on a LOW DOSE, let's say 2mg, or less??? therabouts,,,,,,

It would be a good idea,, if you had a few days, to get down to let's say three per day, maybe three days in a row?
that would help a little bit,,,
so,, yes, you need to be in "moderate withdrawls"
here's a link to the "scale" the doctor's office uses, to judge just how far in w/d you are. ... _sheet.pdf

on the bottom of the page, it explains the different scores for how far your "in w/d's"
if you can, it's better to have someone else ask you the questions/help you with it, WE sometimes dramatize things........LOL

depending on the person/metabolism/habit it can take UP to about 24 hours, to be in moderate w/d from oxy or the "like"

so, there you go!!!
I also want to post a link to DrJ's videos on youtube, you can watch the
"how suboxone works" part one, part two
if you'd REALLY explains alot.... it's REALLY good information, you definitely want to know,
everything you possibly can................

There you have it,,,,,
hope this helps,,,
again, Im not a doctor, just an opiate addict.........LOL
I've been ON suboxone now for 19 months, and things are going well for me.....
it's expensive, that's my ONLY complaint!!!!
BUT,,,, it's a whole lot cheaper than MY PLAN, I was on previously,,,,
Im on it for pain issues, as well.......
and I definitely still FEEL pain,,, it doesn't take EVERYTHING away like regular opiates do/did.
I chose to look at things, differently, as in at LEAST I CAN FEEL now,,,
so a lil pain just means, Im actually living and NOT 'nodding" my life away anymore.....

that's all I can think of for the moment.
PLEASE don't hesitate to ask, if you have any more questions, need any more information.
be sure and let us know, how things are going!!!!!

anyone can give up,
its the easiest thing in the world to do, but to
hold it together, when everyone would understand if you fell apart

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