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PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2012 8:18 pm 
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So I had a Right Hearth Cath, and I did all my research and help from the doc that is on here, he wrote me back personally and gave me articles to give to my Cardiologist to understand what Subs did, and what they would do with not allowing pain meds of the normal amount during surgery... So, the docs all agreed that they wouldn't go on the normal amount to people but he would listen to me and make sure no matter how much he would make me confrotable. so not to worry. Thank God he said that, and he did just that.. BUT right before they put me out a bit, the nurse that was administering the drugs said, that if they had to use to much narcotics that they wouldn't get the accurate readings of pressures (this is what they were doing surgery for.. to check how high the pressures were cause I have been diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension...) anyway, after surgery was over, they said that they didn't no how accurate the procedure was cause they had to use tons and tons of meds to keep me comfrotable. I had a bad reaction to one of the meds they used to test my pressures and I got extremely sick, they had to take me straight from surgery to a cat scan cause my pain was so severe that they thought i had a brain bleed... SOOOOO, my question is, does anyone know anything about RHC for reading pressures?? and if so were you told that if they used to much narcotics means you were on Subs and it would take that amount, that your test wouldn't be accurate??? I felt defeated cause the day ended up like HELL in Out patient surgery.. It took so much Morphene, Fentynal etc. to keep me confrotable I knew it couldn't be good for me at all. BUT I was very happy they listened to me, i was so scared they wouldn't....

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