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PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 12:39 pm 
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I really need to vent to someone who can understand the anxiety that I am feeling. I am scheduled for an induction on March 11th (2 weeks from today) and currently take 4mg of bupe (Subutex). I am a chronic pain patient who became addicted to short acting opiates several years ago. I have been on bupe for several years and feel completely stable. I am not anxious about the actual birth or even caring for my baby afterward. She is my 4th baby so I feel like I know what to expect when it comes to delivery. As far as NAS, I've done my research and feel prepared to monitor her.

My anxiety comes from the lack of knowledge that many nurses and doctors have and the loss of control that it feels like I will have. For instance, my original OB is a complete idiot when it comes to bupe. He actually prescribes it (likely took an 8 hour class and is now a local "expert"). He makes pregnant moms completely taper in the third trimester, even if they are on a high dose. He will take a mom from 24mg to 0mg over a short period of time and told me so. When I was at 2mg, he told me just to stop - that any w/d is "all in my head." It is pure ignorance and frankly dangerous in my opinion. I found a new OB pretty quickly.

My new doctor is a gem, but she is completely ignorant to bupe. She is compassionate so that is reassuring, but she openly admits that bupe is something that she just doesn't know much about. I appreciate her honesty and that was one of the reasons that I chose her. We have a positive relationship. Atleast she doesn't think she knows it all and is willing to listen to me.

As for the hospital and the L&D nurses, I don't care about their judgement as much as I do their bias. I don't want my daughter started on a morphine drip because she is a little irritable or sneezes a few times. I have already had to advocate for myself to breastfeed, which is by far the best option for my baby according to research. Hospital policy discourages it in bupe patients (likely a litigation issue if I had to guess because science supports it) - another example that makes me anxious. I wonder if I should ask for my daughter to be transferred to Children's Hospital in Cincinnati if they do want to treat her with morphine in order to get a second opinion.

I don't have any specific question. I just need to get this all out there. If you do relate or have been there, I would love to know how you kept control of the situation if you had a biased hospital staff. I am tempted to print a bunch of research and take it with me, but that could just piss people off too. I wonder if it would be smart to go visit with the L&D nurses prior to induction, maybe the nurse supervisor, as well as the lactation consultant.

I will try to update the post after my birth so that I can share my experience.

Thanks for reading,

PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 5:36 pm 
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Hi Stephanie,

It sounds like you are on the right track to me! You are already an experienced mom, and you are comfortable with the whole process, that's a plus. You have done your research, and you seem to be comfortable advocating for yourself. I think you need to give yourself permission to stay the course. I would definitely print out any information you can find that is credible about NAS and breastfeeding, Dr. J's blog is an excellent source to check if you haven't already. Make an appointment with the delivery department and show them your research. You won't know how open they are to your side of things until you speak to them face to face. Even if they spout some crap about standards of care or policy you will at the very least have given them some information to ponder. Maybe one of them will take the time to do some research of their own. Anything that you can teach them will not only benefit your child, but untold numbers in the future.

There is a reason for the old saying, "the squeaky wheel get's the grease." A well thought out presentation of the facts cannot be ignored. It makes no sense to start an infant on morphine just because they are sneezing, or crying. You have the right to make your wishes known, and if you do it in a way that isn't overly critical or unkind then they are bound to give it some consideration.

I wish you the best of luck, Stephanie. I hate hearing the stories of babies being put on medication and kept in the hospital for long periods of time when it's not necessary. I wish we had more doctors like Dr. J who were willing to get the truth about this to the ones who can make a difference.

Keep us posted!


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