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 Post subject: And I stopped??
PostPosted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 7:19 pm 
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Hello All,

Hope everyone is doing well and fighting the good fight!

I have a rather odd situation, and I'm wondering how it can be, and if its too good to be true, which I'm sure it is.

I have been taking Suboxone for the past 3 months, about 4mg/day. Recently I stopped taking it so that I could take some oxycodone for a painful invasive procedure. I stopped taking the suboxone for 3 days, and took oxycodone IR tabs, 30mg 2xDay for 2 days, and then today I was going to go back to the suboxone as I don't need the oxycodone anymore.

Oddly enough, today I have taken neither the oxycodone nor suboxone and I feel FINE!! I have little to no WDs!

This is very odd to me, as I have not had any suboxone for 5 days now, (today being the 6th day) and I am feeling pretty decent. I am sleeping at night, and although I was taking 60mg/day of the oxycodone, I feel fine today without anything.

I'm wondering because of it's long half-life, if the suboxone is still in my system? The oxycodone did help with the pain, but did not affect me as much as I thought it would, which is due to the suboxone still in me I'm sure. However, if the suboxone IS still in my system, which I know it is, why am I not feeling any WDs on the 6th day? I thought maybe because of the oxycodone being in my system that I am not feeling WDs, but I took my last dose of that approximately 18 hours ago, and that is an IR formula that has a very very short half-life. So without anything in my system for the past 18 hours I feel fine.

I was wondering if anyone has ever had a similar situation? I know people have stopped taking suboxone when they have needed opiates for a surgery, procedure, etc. Is it maybe because I have only been on for 3 months? When I did get on I did not really have an opiate habit, but got on it more to stem cravings so that I don't use, kind of like a preventative measure.

Not sure what to make of this?? I am going to try not taking the suboxone and see how I feel tomorrow. I keep waiting for the WD symptoms to set in, but so far nothing? This is so weird, maybe God has given me a last chance. I don't know, just wanted to share my current situation and ask if anyone can maybe shed some light on this for me.

Thank You All and God Bless,


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PostPosted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 10:26 pm 
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I would talk with your DR about this asap. I mean id go as long as i can at this point if you have no Wds still then theres no need to take suboxone but i would wait b4 i take any more sub till you go into WD which you may not. I mean you were only on it for 3 months at 4mgs i think you really should be fine but im no dr. But im gonna be honest with you. I dont think you need suboxone if this is true "When I did get on I did not really have an opiate habit, but got on it more to stem cravings so that I don't use, kind of like a preventative measure." and i dont hink you would post that if it wasnt. Cause cravings suck but if you didnt have a real bad opiate addiction then i dont see why you would of even been put on it by the dr who gave it too you. Cause theres really no point to put you in risk of getting dependent on suboxone if you never had a opiate addiction in the first place.

But i really dont think you need suboxone just for cravings man. Im just confused on why any sub dr would put you on suboxone just for cravings it seems more dangerous to put you on it incase your body becomes dependant on it. they could of just giving you Naltrexone or something along that line.

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