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 Post subject: Almost there!!!
PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2014 12:26 pm 
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Hey all, my story is a bit different than most.
It started about 8 years ago. I was having alot of abdominal pain that no doctors could diagnose.
A friend of mine had a large Percocet script, 240 a month, for a severe back injury. We worked together and our
Job was very strenuous. Long story short, he offered me some pills to get by a long day. The next day, the next day....
It was only a few months of taking maybe 4-5 10 mil percs a day. The pain persisted, more doctors, finally a diagnosis.
After several tests it was found I had Crohns disease. After telling my doctor about the pills I was taking, he suggested
I talked to a doctor freind of his. This doctor immediately said I needed 24mg of suboxone a day.

I was 35 years old and never used opiates in the past, rarely drank, and very occasionaly used other recreational drugs.
After a month on Suboxone I felt better than I had in years. I got my Crohns controlled, my pain was gone, and my mood was great. My Suboxone doctor said this was all from the Suboxone, it wad a miracle!!
Sooooo, almost 8 years of Suboxone later and I met a new doctor for my Crohns. He was appaled by the Sub doctor and gave me some facts about Suboxone, ie. Ceiling effect, long term effects....etc. basicly what ive read on this forum, that 8 years is just too long. I was never an addict, just looking for pain management from an undiagnosed illness.
My new doctor told me that 5 Percocet a day for three months was not a reason for long term, high dose Suboxone therapy. It may sound like he was stepping out of line by talking bad about the Sub doctor and giving me this info, but he is a great guy and only looking out for me, his motives are genuine.

After learning all I could, I realized, dang, I need to get off this Suboxone.
I told my Sub doctor I wanted to get off, he said he would not suggest this and it was a bad idea.
I need to tell you all this, I went to my Sub doctor every 28 days, 200 dollars cash per 5 minute visit.
Id walk in, he says how ya doing I say good, he gives an allready filled out script, and out I go.
I took it upon myself to get off, so four months ago I got my last script of 56/ 8mil strips.
Ive tapered down to 1.5 mils a day with no problems. Ive been on this dose for almost a month. Three days ago I went down to 1 mil. Split in two doses, one in the morning, one later. Today is the first time sinse starting the taper that I feel a bit off. Nothing horrible, just low energy and a bit of a creepy feeling.

I do have a very supportive girlfriend of 12 years who will do everything for my lazy ass while I detox, she isa godsend.
However, she has zero experience with what im going through. This is why im posting here, I am a huge wimp when thinking about pain, but pretty tough when it actually comes. I think my mind is going to make this difficult, but I will pull through. I spent over a decade in horrible pain with people saying it was all in my mind, I hope Im tougher than I think.
Anyways, I just wanted someone to talk to that has experience with these issues. Im a talker and find sharing with people that understand is a great medicine. I plan on coming here often during and after this detox for support. I need to take some of the pressure off my girlfriend or she may go insane.

Well, thanks for listening and i hope this post is in the right place, if not, mods please move.
I need to remember what feeling normal is. Sorry for rambling.

 Post subject: Re: Almost there!!!
PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2014 5:36 pm 
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Hi Unloaded, wow, what a story. The Subs doctor sounds no better than a nasty crack dealer with a university degree -- I said that even though, as a recovered addict, I need to go easy on the resentments.

Sounds like you're good to go with your taper, congrats on getting down to 1 mg/day problem free. Things got dodgy for me around 1.5 mg/day, but I was a heroin/cocaine user for 7 years, then I spend several years on Methadone before finally tapering off (switching to Subs for the last several months). I'm 35 days clean off subs. As a longer-term user, and a low-bottom addict (at the end of my active addiction period) it was probably harder me getting off Subs than it will be for you.

Exercise and diet are really important, and you might think about hunting down a list of detox supplements, which I think really help. Under Stopping Suboxone, I posted a recommended list of supplements under a thread called 'Detox Strategy' or something like that.

Keep posting on this thread, and let us know how you're doing, and definitely reach out for help if you have any questions or anything else to discuss.

Good luck.

-- ji

"Past and future veil God from our sight; burn both of them with fire."
-- Rumi, Sufi poet and teacher

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